westen show saddle pads

I have always just used a solid black wool show pad. Our association does a fund raiser assigning permanent numbers, so I can put the numbers on the pad, & just leave them there. No worries about matching show shirt, changing numbers on the pad etc.

Looked at the last show photos & current horse is a dark brown, and I have a new saddle that is a deep brown as well. The black pad sort of gets lost & the number just looks like it is floating around. So currently on the hunt for a new pad w/ a pattern that is blacks, browns & cremes, so I can basically do the same thing as I did with the plain black pad.

In the spirit of continuing to be a simple/efficient/lazy as possible, I am considering sewing whatever pad I get onto the underneath wool pad. That way I can have a pad that is all-in-one with my show stuff, & don’t have to worry about remembering to bring his regular pad for under the blanket, getting the top blanket straight etc (I have issues getting the saddle up & over sometimes - so having the pad & the blanket there rather than just one pad can complicate things a bit if it doesn’t go smoothly).

Has anyone ever done this? does it work? is there someplace I can take it to have it done so it is done better than I can likely do?
Like I said before, I am not a pad changer/color coordinator, so the fact that I wouldn’t be able to do that is a non-issue for me.

Can’t say that I’ve done this…but I show a large variety of horses and about 60 show pads (yes, I have serious issues.)
some pad makers build a wool lining right into their pads so you just have to use one however I am not a fan of how it looks. Looks too much like a work pad to me.
If you have trouble getting your show pad perfectly square or else the work pads shows underneath, consider buying an oversized pad. Saguaro Show Pads is a great company and they make one of a kind pads. They’ll even customize one for you!

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I’m a fan of these. I’d definitely recommend the oversized pads.


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I bought a couple of pads that have Velcro on them to keep the show pad in place. Not as permanent as sewing but I just keep those pads in the trailer with the show pads. I have an oversized suitcase they stay in so they are clean and always there.

I would look for a show pad that has the liner pad attached underneath or just an oversized pad.

Sometimes they are called wool top or blanket top pads here’s a link:


I’m a fan of Backroad Trading Company oversize blankets but there are cheaper options out there too!

i just bought four of these…(different styles and colors)…

i’m eyeing this style for my next spend-o-lait: