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Western bridle with ties for the bit

I want to change the bit and am wondering if there is a better/best way to tie the strings that attach the bit to the headstall?
This question is actually inspired by a tic tok reel that talked about securing the strings on the billets.

This is how many of mine are, reins and headstalls.


You can use the knot showed above, it works good. I tend to make the tail shorter than the piece that makes the wrap so turn out even.
I haven’t had an issue with square knots and use them.
Two granny knots is a big no.


Typically I use a square knot but like the looks of this. Thank you.

I usually use the cowboy knot as well. Looks nicer.

I haven’t seen that knot often in real life. It looks simple enough I’ll likely forget it by tomorrow though.

Pull them through with loose ends to the outside, the one you’re wrapping is longer then loop, loop, loop, and snug! Still more of a hassle than clips, and now I need a headstall and reins for each bit bc I’m lazy haha

I also like this one bc it’s attractive, but a real pain the rear for me.


Oops I’m guilty of a simple double knot :persevere:


Same. I habitually give it a tug though, so maybe I’m less of a noob (hahaha)

Yes I do too! I’ve had that bridle a few years though I generally only use it trail riding, and so far I’ve been lucky to not have any mishaps. As opposed to my dressage bridle. Which my horse has managed to shake off his head :rofl:

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I like the look of this. Can’t see why it wouldn’t be secure. :slight_smile:

All my work headstalls are tie ends and I use a cowboy knot. Never had one fail me.

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