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Western Pad Help

i am new to western ,just got my first saddle that fits well but the pad i bought is not ideal,5 star has been recommended but while those are great quality,i am not yet sure if western will stick with us ,hence i don’ want to spend that much.
have a high wither TB so contour is needed.the one i have is contoured and fits his back shpae well but it seems to always slide down onto his wither no matter how much i pull it up.fitter recommended a 7\8 thickness and a wool felt blend.what is out there in budget friendly and still good quality? it is for short pleasure trail rides by the way.

diamond wool brand felt is perfectly fine.


I love this one for my Thoroughbred, especially if you don’t need one quite so long (my guy has withers and a short back)

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While I’m a fan of Toklat pads, I love my Diamond wool pads. Can’t live without them. Mine is contoured and has a small cut-out over the withers. After just a couple of rides it conformed nicely to my gelding’s back.

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I like Toklat and Diamond Wool; I’ve been known to cut a big slash in the front of my wool pads to get wither relief. Looks awful, works a trick as long as there is pad under the saddle during the ride. If your pad, any pad, really walks you might reconsider the saddle fit.

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the pad does stay in place ,it is just that i would like to keep a bit of space between top of wither and pad ( maybe that is not necessary ? i am an english rider ,this is all new to me) and after a ride,the pad sits on the wither

What brand are you using right now?

You would like want something with wither cutout or wither relief.
I know you are shying away from the 5 Star with the price, but they do have both those options (they have a FlexFit option)
Keep in mind, you can always SELL the pad if you eventually stop doing Western.

good point and yes you are right,cut out or wither relief is probably best - the one i currently have is contoured only.thanks!

I actually prefer contoured for my TB :woman_shrugging:

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Classic Equine, Professionals Choices, or Cashel felt pads are great options too!

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I tried 5Star and CSI, both pricey pads, but settled on SPHGear because of it’s generous wither split.

They are too spendy for what you want, but you might want to cut a less expensive diamond wool pad to give a similar type wither relief.

What is really nice is that once the saddle is up, the pad can easily be adjusted at the wither. I would find that it was hard to tuck up a pad that didn’t have a split.

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I’ve used this pad for the last year or so to good effect:

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I scored a 5 Star that was gently used from a local Facebook page for $70. It fits my high withered boy really well and keeps his back comfortable.

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that is awesome !! i found one too on a facebook page,does not say the brand but is wool felt cut out contoured and looks like a 5 star all around ( might be a knock off though) but it does fit and stays put :slight_smile:thank you ALL for your contributions !!