Western Pads for an Shetland mini

Why is it so dang hard to find one?!? I just want a good non fleece pad for the dang pony and have had no luck finding one. We’re making do with an English pad that fits under the saddle but that will not work long term. If you know where I can find one, please let me know!

Toddler’s riding in an 8" gulleted Silver Royal Sodona saddle if that helps

Weaver makes some really nice wool blend saddle pads. I’ve had these two for ponies that I’ve owned in the past and they were good quality, they lasted a long time and I was able to sell at decent value when I got the ponies sold.

Contoured Wool Blend Saddle Pad

Scalloped Navajo Saddle Pad

What is a “Shetland mini”?


I had a weaver for my 40" Shetland. Felt base with navajo top. The felt could, in theory, be trimmed.

I made my own, essentially an ‘english’ pad just shaped rectangle and sized to fit my mini mare. Thinking of doing to same for the Welsh pony. I don’t want a thick felt pad under the saddle with his roly withers. lol

If the saddle fits well why wont the english pad work? Because of the contour?

I was wondering if someone bred a Shetland mare to a mini stud? We had a nice pad for my kids Shetland pony. The Weaver pad reminds me of it. Guess I sold it with the pony and saddle when my kids outgrew it all.

ETA: Just saw a 22x22 pony pad at my local farm store yesterday. Made by Weaver and not terribly expensive at $44.

I used a horse size quilted leg wrap as a saddle pad for a mini.

Months later and I realized my huge error in the title SMDH. She’s a Shetland, not a mini. This is why I don’t drink and forum

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Did you ever find a pad??

I did but shouldn’t have wasted the effort lol. I’m about 90% sure we’ll be switching her to an English saddle, depending on the blood test results. If she’s pregnant, we’re pulling her from riding until she foals and heals.

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