Western show pad storage

So how do you store your show pads?

Currently mine are in the plastic cases they came with, when it’s time to show, I choose a couple to take & they go in the larger carry bag & we go.
I am looking for something to replace the plastic bags. They tear easily, & i know it is not good for the wool to store in them. I try to make sure they are dry before they get put in there, but still.

Would like something lightweight so I can put i pad in each bag & then pull individual ones when I go to a show.

Ugh. I hate those plastic zippered bags! Cool at first, but they do get to be a hassle. To be honest, I just keep my show blankets stacked, out of plastic, on a shelf inside the dedicated “horse room” of my house.

At the barn, all of the saddle blankets for shows are also kept folded in half and stacked neatly on a separate shelf in a separate room (not the general tack room). There have to be 20 of them, in all different stripes and patterns. Only a couple still have their plastic zipper bags. When we show, we pick the ones we want to use and just slip them over the blanket racks in the trailer.

Just to be clear, these are wool blankets, that go on top of felt liners. There’s no fleece on the underside. So they don’t get sweaty or wet when we use them.

If you’re talking about the fleece ones with a nice blanket stitched on top, so one piece total, then I’d just make sure the underside is clean (hand wash/air dry) and store accordingly. You can buy or make inexpensive blanket racks.

(You can probably tell I’m not big on all the zippered bags prominent in the western world. Ack! There’s a bag for everything!) :crazy_face:

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I keep mine in a large, nylon type suitcase. That suitcase during show season stays in the trailer. They stay clean, lay flat, and all my choices are easy to access.

Ooh! Love the nylon suitcase idea! If it has a separate compartment I can also put my show chaps in there… :thinking:


do you have a link to the kind of suitcase you’re talking about? I can’t find anything that looks remotely suitable…

I am sorry I don’t. We bought it at an auction about fifteen years ago.

Mine does and I had not thought of that but it is a good idea. I will have to start doing that.

Now I have an excuse to haunt all the thrift stores in my area!

I keep mine in a mesh style bag similar to this: https://www.sstack.com/dura-tech-600d-breathable-western-pad-carrier/p/41172/

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I took a picture yesterday. This is what I have.


Great idea…I think I still have my old suitcase around somewhere.