Westminster 2022

Does anyone know if there is a list yet of what individual dogs will be showing? I see the ring schedule and entry counts, but not the individual dog names.

My Dobie pup’s sire has a litter mate that got an invitation. Would really love to see him show. Hopefully the livestream will catch at least all the BOB classes.

The AKC does not name the dogs who are in the judging program until the day of the show. Outside of people announcing “Hey, we’re going to Westminster”, you won’t know until after the show starts. Results (and who actually showed up) will be available on infodog.com or at the Westminster page.

Its partially to keep people from not showing up if they think they’re going to lose to a particular competitor under that particular judge and yes, that’s rampant in the dog world.


thanks, that makes sense if folks didn’t want to show under X judge against Y competitor. Although I would think just getting the invite to Westminster would be enough that folks would go no matter what?

I saw the results for last year, and was even able to watch that BOB class on youtube. It was good to help gauge my eye for what judges are looking for in the dobie. My pup’s uncle was Select dog!

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I am VERY disappointed in the Westminster Kennel Club. I have watched every single show since 1989 and was looking forward to watching it this year.
Only I can’t. :frowning: They are showing the Group and BIS judging only on FS1 and 2.
I don’t get FS1 or 2. No one in my apartment building does, and I would be willing to bet that several of my friends don’t either.
I realize that the WKC show has moved from channel to channel to channel over the past 30+ years, but this is the first year it has moved to a channel I can’t access.
They won’t even be streaming these classes on the WKC website.

I feel like asking everyone I know to boycott the show this year but it’s not like we bought tickets to hurt them in the pocketbook. At $100 a seat, who can afford to attend the show anyway?

I’m just seriously disappointed in them. And in NBC for not planning to show any of the Royal Ascot races this year except for the final day, Saturday.

I even had to watch the Epsom Cazoo Derby in Spanish, after it was run, because NBC didn’t bother to show it live this year. But it was good to see Nick Luck properly dressed for a day at the races for a change from his pink Pimlico sportcoat.

This is incorrect. They will be streaming all the classes on the Westminster web site, just like last year. You can see the different options here - https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/news/how-to-watch-westminster-2022/

If you didn’t catch last years, basically they are doing a live feed of each ring directly to the Westminster site & also youtube. All my friends watched us live on the Westminster site last year, all they needed to know was what ring I was in. The Westminster youtube channel is here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKwV1gchlnqq8-ycE6g02vg


No, definitely not.

Shows are expensive and Westminster one of the most expensive, especially when it was held in Manhattan. And even if you can afford it, showing in NY is a huge hassle. I would never show there, even with a dog that might win the breed. And if you do win - showing in the group in front of spectators (esp. Madison Square Garden) is an overwhelming experience for many dogs. Those who are out campaigning for the year and regularly flying from show to show hardly notice, but lots of other great dogs do not have this experience.

If I had a competitive special I would have entered at Lyndhurst Estates - it’s not far from me. But I would not go to Manhattan to show.

Also - Unless you’re showing an all-breed top dog, you might have bigger wins at breed specialties or nationals. Westminster typically pulls about 15-20 dogs in my breed (in BOB class), but the bigger specialty shows will have 30-50; our national will have close to 100. Winning the breed at one of those is a much more prestigious win than winning the breed at Westminster. Winning the group or BIS at Westminster is a different thing - but unless you’re a top winning dog, it’s unlikely to happen. Few upsets happen at WKC.


Yep, I entered last year because it was an outdoors, non-benched show and and I wanted to be able to say “we showed Westminster!”. My special at the time was a little introvert bitch. No way I’d show her in the Gardens, benched - she’d melt under all the attention.

Outdoors, though, with us able to pop up a tent in the field and make a low key day of it was perfect. And she got a select, which was totally unexpected.


There is a list of the original invitees, from October: https://m.infodog.com/show/westminster/breed.htm

The judge for the Working group is a Doberman breeder, so will be interesting to see.

I’ve never actually paid attention to the invite list - it’s fascinating. My breed list doesn’t include last year’s Westminster winner, who took a Group 2 in the Sporting Group. I believe she’ll be there this year as well; she had a litter since last year and is just back out in the ring again, so no accrued points (or few). But definitely has a chance to go big again this year if she’s there!

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My friend’s Golden is on the list. I have known him since he was a puppy. He is something like her fifth generation as a breeder. When she stood them up at six weeks I told her he was a real show stopper and he has been.

Which one? So my mom’s golden knows who to root for.

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Our agility trainer is taking two of her Aussies for the agility competition. I think they’re both in the 16" class.

Breed judging has started. You can see recorded agility and breed judging on their youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKwV1gchlnqq8-ycE6g02vg/videos If you can’t watch live, they are posting them fairly quickly.

You can see the list of attendees, with armband numbers, here https://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/breed-judging/breed-judging-schedule-2022 Results are also posted

GCHG CH Tamarack He Likes It (Mikey, one of the best she has ever bred, I think).
GCHB CH Tamarack Billions Of Stars Over Poeticgold CD RN CGCA CGCU (breeder, not owner).

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