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Westphalian inspection prep

Hi all! I’m taking my mare and foal to get both inspected Westphalian (pony) this summer.
I’m planning to do button braids on both, but aside from that and a bath what else do I need to do? I’ve done some hunter breeding but I’m assuming the prep isn’t the same.

Do they get clipped? Show clip ( ears, muzzle, feathers) or full body clip? The mare has a nice short summer coat but could use her ears done but the foal is long and thick and multi colored because he’s a greying chestnut.

What tack for them?
Mare with bridle or halter? Foal will have a nice leather halter.

What’s the process during the inspection?

Does Westfalen brand? Not sure about doing that.

Any insight is greatly appreciated!

Hello :slight_smile:

Westfalen does brand.

Don’t braid the tail, use a bridle on the mare and no clipping. If you want to tidy up some of the feathers or outer ear hair… you can. Clipping is a big NO in regard to muzzle.

You arrive and sign in. They will give you a number to put on the mare’s bridle and you wait to be called in (can’t remember if they post an order of go). When called, you will walk and trot mare on the triangle and stand her up for the judge. After all that is done, you will remove the reins and let them show at liberty. Branding takes place after all of the horses go.

Yes tidy the ears and clip the fetlocks. If they live out a lot, press the ears together and just clip what sticks out; you don’t have to clip the entire inner ear like you would for a horse show. Bridle for the mare, leather halter and preferably a plain leather (no chain) shank for the foal.

I’m not sure if Westfalen is the same as AHS but AHS will brand if you request it but it is optional. I opt not to brand but some of the foals at the last inspection I was at were branded. From a quick look at the Westfalen website it sounds like certain foals are “eligible” for branding but it doesn’t sound like it is necessarily required.

I agree with not clipping the insides of the ears or the muzzles. Here in the southeast a lot of people clip foals due to the heat in the summer and if that’s the case, I think body clipping is ok (but I would still leave the muzzle and insides of the ears unclipped). Otherwise, there is no need to body clip just for the inspection.

I think the United States Sport Horse Breeders Association has a webinar on what to expect at inspections coming up at the end of June. I’m not sure there is a link to register yet but if that’s of interest I would keep an eye on their social media or send them an email to see if you can register.

Since clipping the muzzle is banned in USDF shows because muzzle hairs are sensory apparatus, and clipping the insides of the ears exposes them to bug bites, and I believe is also banned by the USDF…finally, after years of not being allowed in Europe… I would certainly suggest not clipping either at all.