What are the best barns near NYC?

I am an adult rider living in NYC, I grew up doing jumpers in Pennsylvania. I’m getting back into riding after living abroad for a few years, and am trying to find a good barn near NYC.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a barn that has:

  • lessons for adults with good jumper horses
  • goes to A circuit shows
  • is also laid back and ok with someone riding 1-2 times per week

I’m looking for a good place to ride where I can take lessons, with the idea that in a few years I’ll get a horse and want to do competitive showing again.

Thank you!!!

I don’t know of any barn that has lesson horses that could be competitive in the jumpers (even the puddle jumpers!) but I’m prepared to stand corrected. I will warn you, however, that I’ve done a lot of searching…

I’d start with Redfield. They won’t let you jump higher than 2’6 on a lesson horse but they have great horses and fabulous instruction.

If you’re prepared to at least part-lease also check out Old Westbury. Amazing facility, amazing training, amazing horses.

Send me a PM and I can fill you in on places to ride in either NJ or NY.

Hands down–Neil and Elisa Schapiro at Hay Fever Farm in Robbinsille, New Jersey.

Paying it forward here–I posted a similar inquiry last spring and some very insistent COTHers made me go check out HFF (You know who you are:) This place is fantastic–Neil is the Olympic medalist/ Show Jumping Hall of Famer, his wife Elisa is a five time Olympian as well (for Mexico). They are dedicated to passing on the classic American forward seat not just to serious competitors but also to once a weekers like me. They are just as warm, friendly, and supportive of whatever individual goals you might have as they could possibly be
–while seriously improving your riding. They have amazing horses for the horseless to ride, the facility is beautiful, the riders are all adults and there are no politics that I’ve noticed.

Couldn’t recommend this place any more highly, feel free to PM me.