What are the best resources to learn about warmblood bloodlines

What is/What are the best resources to learn about warmblood bloodlines? (books, videos, websites, etc.) I don’t have a specific breed in mind, focus would mainly be Dutch warmbloods, hanoverians, Oldenburgs, Holsteiners etc and dressage sport bred but any information of resources to learn about any lines would be amazing. Is there a/are there resources out there to get this information? I just very much want to expand my knowledge and learn.

Thank you!

A lot of breed inspections are being held currently around the country. I would start there. Books are great but mainly focus on lines that are generations in the past. Foal inspections are nice but I have a lot of trouble seeing that foal 3 years in the future under saddle. Mare inspections are better.

If you like the information you are getting in the specific breed inspections - join that society! A lot of time they have courses and resources available for members. Also go observe young horse classes and note what bloodlines are in play with the horses you like. Unfortunately we do not have the opportunities like people have in Europe where so many other horses are being bred.

Chris Hector wrote a book several years back called the Making of the Modern Sporthorse. Hard to find but sometimes it appears on the used book sites. The Australian website he writes for horsemagazine.com also has good articles. Another good one on Sport Horse Conformation by Christian Schacht.

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