What are the medalist mementos?

In looking at the mementos handed out to each medalist, there appears to be a small stuffed figure and a wrapped package tied to the flowers. What are they usually given?

The little plushie is the 2020 Olympic mascot, Miraitowa. This article explains the victory bouquets. (Google is your friend…)


I think another poster here said something about a contest amongst schoolchildren to select the gifts given to the medalists, or perhaps the mascot itself.

This is a lie. Google hates me!

Google told me it thinks you hate it! There’s obviously a misunderstanding here. :laughing:

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Please tell it to give me any reasonable results and I will stop thinking it hates me.

I can be sitting next to someone, we both type in the same search, they get useful answers and I get stuff that implies the thing (item/term/person) I am looking for never existed.

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Thanks! The commentators keep calling them mementos, not victory bouquets, which made Googling a challenge. Lovely story associated with the flowers.

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I guess you just bring out the mean girl in Google. You have my sympathy.

Google follows the GIGO principal !

Am I supposed to know what that means?

Try Google.


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It means “garbage in, garbage out.” But in your case

it doesn’t apply.

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