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What brand of cat food are you feeding your cats?

Just wondering what everyone is feeding their cats?

I was feeding Purina True Instinct but my cat developed pancreatitis from that. I ended up switching to some other brands but I’m not certain what to feed at this point. I tried Blue buffalo but I wasn’t thrilled with the results. I have one cat that gets diarrhea that appears to be dietary related and switching his food can cause issues. I tried 4Health from tractor supply but that’s by Diamond foods and I’m not sure their safety record is the greatest. Right now everyone is on Wellness except for the kitten.

My house kitty is allergic to chicken, so she gets Young Again Limited Ingredient Diet. It’s not cheap and only available online, but I’ve found that I go through it much slower than other foods and it’s eliminated her allergy symptoms. My late Lucycat was on their TruCarnivore formula for years and it successfully helped control her diabetes without having to go on insulin.
I really like the company as well, their customer service is excellent.
I also inherited 3 porch cats who decided that life is preferable to barn living, and they thankfully don’t have any special dietary needs. They do great on Purina One salmon formula.

My two little indoor girls went on a hunger strike when their nephew came to visit for a month. I tried every wet food out there: girls would eat nothing; boy would eat everything. Sigh. After he left, we went back to their favorite Fancy Feast canned. I buy variety packs --and all different preparations: Creamy to pate, to shredded, to medley. They split a can between them twice a day.

Meanwhile, Gordon the naughty barn cat gets whatever is on hand. He eats it. But he’s a big boy. The girls are about 6 pounds each --Gordon is probably twice that.


I feed Iams Urinary Tract Health to our house cats. I’ve fed the Purina One, too. I prefer Purina, just because I am not a scientist nor a nutritionist and they seem to have figured it out pretty good, but the muderous house loaf prefers Iams and it seems to help with her cystitis.

I actually feed my barn cats the Diamond Maintenance and they do great on it. Prior to switching, our black cat’s coat was super dull and he was so thin, he just wasn’t keeping wait. He’s so shiny now and it makes me happy.

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My charming calico male cat Prickle went through crystals in his urine this summer. Panic run to the vet, overnight stay etc to the tune of $750. We had been feeding Costco cat food, the kibble in the purple bag (I’m sure it’s the same everywhere!) with great success for many years. Vet advised the change to the vet supplied cat food, at multiple times the cost…of course. Hard to argue with this plan under the circumstances. However we do have two other house cats as well who have been on the Costco stuff too, so of course they have had to make the switch too, because otherwise Prickle will no doubt be eating the wrong cat food out of a bowl that is not HIS. So everyone is now on Hills prescription diet urinary care c/d cat food. The other male cat is older, has never had a urinary problem but is a candidate. The third cat is female and less of a risk of course, but she’s on this stuff too. I crunch it up smaller than the kibble bits that it comes in because Prickle was puking it up at full size kibbles. It’s too expensive for cats to eat then puke it up and walk away from the mess in disgust. So it’s working out ok once pounded down to a more powdery texture. Stays down, cats like it, and no more urinary related problems.


right now, we are trying different things. I have been feeding friskies dry. I think they are bored with it so I am looking around. I bought a bag of Temptations cat food because they love the treats so much. It seems to be popular. I do know, that when I had Lark and Muff, they lived to be 18 and 19 years old eating Meow Mix. They were never sick either.

Cats are obligated carnivores. Also, they do not have proper molars to grind and chomp dry food. Most of their teeeth are pointy made to rip flesh. I feed a raw freeze dried food. I have had much success with Primal. catinfo.org is a great resource.

If you can’t do a raw food diet, 100% wet canned food is good too, just make sure it has added taurine in it. I loved Earthborn Holistics flavors when I adopted a 28 lb cat from the pound and within a year got him down to 12lbs solely on going from dry kibble to wet cans to raw.


This month Velvet likes Fancy Feast Savory Centers. She also gets free choice Temptations treats because she got tired of her former favorite dry food. She loves some people food too, and because she is 19 years old she gets that too when she wants it.
When we go in for her senior wellness checkup next month I will ask about a taurine supplement in case the people food doesn’t meet her needs. She is very healthy for a 19yo kitty.

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I had a toothless senior - shelter had removed teeth rotten from a long life in the streets.
He never had a problem with dry kibbles.
So long ago (near 40 yrs) I can’t recall brand.
Same for whatever canned he ate.

Current housecats get Iams Urinary dry as the orange cat I had to put down in July had FIC & I couldn’t feed separately from the other.
Neither of those 2 would eat any canned food, especially not the Hill’s kidney diet the vet recommended. Canned or dry got NOPE!
They would eat Temptations & finally accepted Delectables so they got some moist food.
Surviving cat eats the Iams, Temptations & Delectables.

Latest adoptee, it seems, will eat anything.
Shelter was feeding Taste of the Wild dry & Friskies canned.
After 3 weeks, switching slowly to the Iams he’s doing fine. Also gets his Friskies, Temptations & Delectables.

I feed my girl one ‘bean’ of Sheba pate with a tablespoonful of Feline Natural freeze dried raw mixed with water.
She gets that twice a day. At night for ‘dessert’ she gets a tablespoonful of some kibble (currently Tiki Cat).

I recently added another really short tbsp of kibble in a timed feeder for 5-ish AM. Enough with the waking me up between 5 and 6 AM. That usually satisfies her until about 7 which is a much more reasonable hour for me. She was waking me up at 5 or 5:30 and I couldn’t go back to sleep :grimacing:.

This cat tackles food like a dog. When I adopted her last year she was 7 years. After the first couple weeks of her settling in, she has cleaned up whatever I put in front of her in short order.



All four of my kitties have grain-free dry to nibble on: Open Farm Turkey & Chicken

And once a day, they share a large can of Weruva Chicken & Tuna Pate, with a can of warm water added. https://www.chewy.com/bff-play-pate-lovers-tuna-chicken/dp/218870?utm_source=google-product&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=BFF&utm_campaign=20647501628&utm_term=&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwnOipBhBQEiwACyGLurIxDPEno-Mx82VNH1BIniD5Emx_UDGs-S1TeaCM_mnfUuo3LCBnbRoC6lgQAvD_BwE

None have ever had any kidney or urinary tract issues… even the two seniors, 1 is 17 and the other 15. All are in right-on-the-spot weight wise, plenty active, super soft fur. My vet was shocked at how good the “seasoned citizen” kitties looked and how great the urinalysis numbers were at their last once over.


I do entirely wet for the housecats. Brands currently in rotation are Wellness, BFF, Dave’s, Merrick, Walk About, Freely. Nothing with fish, but we vary the proteins otherwise. Chicken and beef, but also some turkey, rabbit, lamb, pork.

Thankfully we have a local pet store with a rockin clearance shelf and we’re able to feed them mostly from there.


I feed raw as well. My dog is also on raw, I just add veggies to her meal, but the barn cat just gets the the 80/10/10 mixture before I add veggies (80% protein, 10% bone, 10% offal - protein on a rotation).

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For the diarrhea, try a novel protein, maybe?
I used Dave’s brand, canned, pork.

I am loving all of these kitties getting 100% wet and raw food diets! That is great!


I started my crew on Taste of the Wild/Rocky Mountain because it helped my late cat’s IBD symptoms better than anything else I tried over the years. She’s gone now, but I keep my other three on it because they love it and my vet thinks it’s a good quality choice.

But my old lady cat Peach also gets Friskies canned food twice daily with a big squirt of Friskies Shakes at each meal to make her gabapentin and prednisolone go down better. With her age and nerve-damage issues, she’s in the category of “gets to eat whatever she wants—super healthy or not”.


Mine too. I’ll have to look at the brand you mentioned. I feed N&D (Farmina) as they have several novel protein varieties. Plus, many include pumpkin which has really helped his digestive issues. Of course my picky guy is also allergic to most fish used in cat food which limits our options, and he will stop eating something if fed too often. I’m a proponent of wet food, but with him, I will also feed Farmina dry as it doesn’t result in projectile diarrhea.

With my other cats I’ve had good success with freeze dried raw, but this cat won’t eat it.

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The main protein in the one I feed is hydrolyzed pork. It does have chicken fat and fish oil, but I guess the proteins are the allergy trigger because Mashcat tolerates it really well.

I fed raw for a good long while (mix of whole ground rabbit and chicken) but ultimately 50% of the crew said nope to raw, so I caved. It’s too expensive and difficult to store and prepare for me to throw away, or watch Mr. Eats Everything grow steadily more obese…

So now they get mostly fancy feast chicken pate and a smattering of TOTW dry during the day from an auto feeder.

I did beg to differ on the crunching aspect of cat teeth. Obviously you’ve never prepared food in the tack room while the barn cat had her favorite treat, crunchy mouse head. :rofl:


I’m currently feeding Costco brand dry and Friskeys wet. I know it’s not the healthiest, but it’s what we can afford and everyone seems to be doing well.