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What can you tell me about TB stallion English Channel ??

Crosspost from Eventing …

Hey guys!! NOt too often I actually post on here (more of a silent member) but that may be changing soon … Sooo I’ve been looking quite some time for a greenie prospect to bring along for myself to eventually event at the lower levels/foxhunt/ and just generally enjoy, though haven’t seen many that have tugged at my heart strings … until … surprise … through networking I found a lovely just turned 3 OTTB, about 5 weeks out from his last race who was just toooo slow and couldn’t break his maiden … lucky for me!! This guy is a tall, leggy red head with the most gorgeous head and neck and a super kind eye!! He’s just been getting some downtime so has no retraining at all, but yesterday we free lunged him a little and even set up a couple ground poles and a little baby straight rail, just to get a feel for his movement … wow … while his trot is fabulous, he has a very nice walk, and a faaabulous canter, clever enough to figure out both the ground poles and the rail the first time through (and was excited to do it again), and has quite and in your pocket personality! Definitely a total green bean but seems to have the makings of a really fun partner!!

Haven’t had the chance to see what he’s like under saddle yet, but honestly am very intrigued by this guy … I don’t know much about English Channel, and am wondering if anyone has any experience with his offspring either as race horses or sport horses … what are their temperaments like? Do they have a tendency for injuries/soundness issues?

So excited about this one, and curious for opinions!!

He’s a pretty young stallion, his oldest foals are only 4, I believe.

He’s a pretty young stallion, his oldest foals are only 4, I believe.[/QUOTE]
Loved English Channel on the track, but yes, he’s too young to have an opinion about his offspring yet. What’s the dam’s name?

Dam is Favored One by Son of Briartic … <3

As others have said, he’s a young stallion and an impressive race horse, with many G1 wins and a Breeders Cup Champion on the turf.

I haven’t ever personally worked with any of his foals since he is a younger stallion. He stands for $25,000-- which is not chump change, especially not for a turf horse. He’s #3 on the list of third crop sires for offspring earnings and in the top 100 overall. He’s already sired a Kentucky Derby “also ran” in Optimizer and a handful of graded stakes winners on the turf.

His sire, Smart Strike, is an extremely versatile sire. I can’t say much bad about his offspring, although I have only worked with a handful on the track and none (to my knowledge) in their post-racing lives. As race horses, some say they are a little slower to mature mentally and physically. They also take a lot of influence from their dam-side.

There is nothing in your prospect’s pedigree that would make me say “walk away.” He’s nicely bred. :yes: I hope you get him and it works out! I would love to see pics!

English Channel was one of my favorites. Very successful turf horse - multiple Grade 1 winner who rarely competed in anything less.

And he certainly could do a distance.

And his dam also a graded stakes winner on the turf who placed well in Grade 1s.

I’d be psyched just because it’s English Channel. And would think the turf & distance are a plus.

Hope he works out. Keep us posted!

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Dont forget mamma . . .

His dam, Favored One, was a multiple stakes winner & won the G2 Princess Stakes (1 1/16 mile on the dirt). He has a graded-stakes-placed 1/2 sister & a couple other good runners, so Mom could clearly produce an athlete, too.

Here is a catalog pedigree for one of his 1/2 sisters from last year:


If you go to equibase.com and put a horse’s name in the slot on the upper right-hand side, you can get that horse’s race record, so you can look up this guy, his dam, his sire . . .

He is from his sire’s 2nd foal crop, I think.

Good luck with him.

How did this colt turn out for you? I just bought an English Channel and so far we love him. Great temperament and he has a nice huntery jump.

11 year old post here.

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Yes, just hoped they might still be around.

OP didn’t end up getting him. Click their name & you can see the post/comments about it.

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