What can you tell me about the stallion Richmond T?

Looking into a horse that is said to be by this stallion and I can’t find anything anywhere about him.

I believe he was a jumper - black w/chrome. Had another name also. Maybe stood or showed in FL?

The jumper was named “Richard” and was Dutch. Richmond stood in North Carolina I believe at a farm that stood a few other Hannoverian stallions ( Wummerstern?) and he was primarily a dressage stallion. I can’t remember the name of the farm off the top of my head but the owner was Lucille - can’t remember last name. Maybe it will come to my addled brain. Maybe look at the AHS website and look up stallions.

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I am thinking of Honey Locust farm that is ( was) owned by Lucille Mulky. It does not seem to be in existance these days so maybe she is deceased. Eliza Sydnor in North Carolina ( don’t remember married name) rode some of this horses so maybe she can give you some insight on this stallion.

The only Richmond I can find is Richmond HL which is probably the one that Honey Locust Farm had. So maybe this is an unlicensed stallion? I think you will need to ask the seller or breeder for more information about this stallion. Google is not finding any matches.

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