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What colour riding breeches should a man wear?

What colour riding breeches should a man wear?

Canary if not a member and wearing black hunt coat; white if wearing the red coat. Many hunts have variations. Check the hunt’s website or write the secretary for rules for the particular hunt.

FYI the Canary color is different than the buff one sees today. That color is difficult to find --but it is the correct color --or has been at every hunt I’ve ridden for 55 years.

Op why are you asking these questions? We are more than happy to help if you are writing or creating art.

Depends on the hunt. I’ve never worn canary in my decades of hunting and I’ve never worn white with my scarlet coat. I’ve also never worn my scarlet coat as a guest unless it was a joint meet with hounds or by invitation.

Tan/beige is usually a safe bet for britches but it never hurts to contact the secretary. Most hunts are pretty forgiving of guest apparel unless it is really egregious.

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Light tan is fine. If you can’t find or don’t want to fork out the money for canary.