What credentials to look for for a PRP provider?

I am on month 7 of probable trochanteric bursitis and maybe gluteal tendonitis. I have done 2 rounds of PT and am continuing the exercises.I have had 2 steroid injections that worked great…for 2-3 weeks then the pain returns with a vengeance. I haven’t had a MRI but really don’t think any gluteal tensions are torn because I think the injections wouldn’t have helped that much and the exercises would make them worse.

So, I am ready to try PRP or similar even though I have to pay for it. I have vacations planned for this fall and next spring that demand walking and it would be nice to be able to walk a pain free. Right now, walking is dicey. Riding my horse doesn’t bother it …the one (and only) positive.

How do you find a good provider? There are a couple franchises in town but I am a little leery of them.

TIA Susan

So…I have done multiple rounds of PRP over the years to repair sports injuries, and have always had great results.

That being said, there’s no standard formula for PRP, so your results can vary greatly based on who you use.

I really think your best option is to get a word-of-mouth recommendation in your area (if you are in DC/NoVa or willing to travel there, PM me and I’ll give you some recommendations).

Other things to look for:

  1. do they use fluoroscopy, ultrasound, or similar to guide the injections? (IMHO, this is much preferred)
  2. how often do they do therapeutic injections? Is this all they do?
  3. how often have they treated your condition?
  4. what formulation of PRP do they use?

I go straight to Regenexx for PRP. Their process produces a PRP with higher cell count and better purity than is achievable from the tabletop machines others use. Early research indicates higher cell count = better outcomes, especially in those over 30.

Thank you. I am in Idaho so I will just have to dig around at what is available here. I can ask the MD that did the steroid injections. Should have done that at the last visit but hard when you wait an hour for your 5 min appt :thinking:.


You have a Regenexx practitioner in Spokane, and another in Idaho Falls.

Yes, I checked that. Both a little far for me as I believe there are multiple injections. I am my 92yo mothers caregiver which kind of throws a wrench in much traveling. Idaho Falls isn’t too bad if I can find someone to come in while I am gone. I am not even sure that PRP would work for bursitis. It seems to be more for joint issues?