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What do you feed your event horse?

Just have the three right now.

8yr 15.3 OTTB competing at Prelim aiming for a CCI* this fall.
-4lb of a 10/3 pellet and 2lb Buckeye Ultimate Finish
-Unlimited fertilized grass 24/7

12yr 17.1 OTTB going Training, bumping up to Prelim and aiming at the CCI* this fall.
-6lb 10/3 pellet and 2lb Ultimate Finish
-Unlimited fertilized grass 24/7

6yr 16.3 OTTB aiming at his first BN.
-3lb 10/3 pellet, unlimited grass.

Not much issue with weight.

My event horse is more pasture ornament for this year than anything else, but he’s a (OTT a very looong 12 years ago) TB that is 18 years old, 17.1-2h. Weighs 1500lb (scale weight, no tape guesses here)!

Gets maybe 6lb of Albers Special Blend (similar to Haystack SB for the locals, a steam-pressed pellet made of beep/alf/tim/rice bran and vegetable fats) and has access to a 1200lb bale of local hay from his run-in stall , plus 24/7 access to lower quality pasture. He prefers night turnout and will generally stay inside away from the bugs most of the day. He’s a little fluffy right now, and has a better top line than many TBs half his age.

Incredibly fit 11-year old 16.2h, leggy 1100-lb Thoroughbred gelding. He’s a very hard keeper which is compounded by being in very full work; he does best when he has 2-3 weeks of work followed by one day off. I do light rides scattered in the mix to give his body a break, but few complete “days off”.

4lbs Tribute Kalm n EZ
3 quarts (when dry) beet pulp pellets, soaked
3 oz. Cool Calories 100 (weight gain)

4lbs Tribute Kalm n EZ
3 quarts (when dry) beet pulp pellets, soaked
3 oz. Cool Calories 100 (weight gain)
SmartCalm (5000 mg magnesium, 550 mg thiamine/B1)
SmartHoof (25 mg biotin, 2500 mg methionine, 1500 mg lysine)

When he’s inside he gets alfalfa hay; 10 lbs morning, 5 lbs lunch, 5 lbs dinner, 10 lbs night check. When he’s out he gets free choice Timothy/Orchard hay as well as grass.

Pictures to show condition/type:

My 6 year old OTTB is ridden 6 days/week- three 45 minute dressage rides, two 1 hr flat/jump rides and 1 meandering hack. If we compete he usually gets an extra day off. He’s turned out all day and then usually all night if the weather allows. He gets:

10 lbs of Nutrena Safe Choice Original daily
1/2 feed scoop of Nutrena Safe Choice Perform each feeding
Hay in hay net while in stall
Round bale outside + grass

Over the winter he dropped some weight (not a hard keeper, but not totally easy either) and I put him on SP Fat Cat supplement and LOVE it. I took him off after about 6 weeks, and he’s maintained well since the grass has come back.

I’m lazy and I only feed once a day.

7y/o TB. Works hard for 4-5 days a week. And by hard I mean my flat days alone are 1.5 hours of lateral work.

So, once a day:

1lb enrich + ( diet balancer)
1lb amplify
1lb black oil sun flower seeds
1lb nutrena fuel

I use the 1lb measuring line to scoop beet pulp shreds.

Then his supplements. One being Uckeles tri-amino.

He looks like a dang warmblood rock star.

i almost feel i do not qualify to comment here, but i am going to do so anyway. :slight_smile:

i have a 6 year old (tomorrow) Appy gelding who is perhaps at BN (we have not competed and don’t plan to this year). he gets:

free choice third cutting orchard hay
1lb alfalfa pellets (twice daily)
1/2lb Renew Gold (twice daily)
Dynamite TNT

he is turned out ~12 hours a day and i’m pretty darn happy with his weight/condition. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to image what Ollie would look like getting 10 lbs of feed daily. It’s not pretty. Hell, even 5 lbs of feed.

Fresh (last year) OTT who kept lean due to rehabbing a bowed tendon into the winter. Even maintaining meant he had to eat a truckload. Now that hes coming into full work and healed, we started the “put on some good weight” program.

Gelding, 5yo, 17.1hh, estimated at 1300 lbs right now. He’s a solid 4 BCS, so not overly thin, just needs some weight in order to build muscle nicely.

twice daily
1.5 lbs Progressive Grass Ration Balancer
1.5 lbs Progressive Envision fat supplement
~4 lbs alfalfa hay

-Outside turnout is free choice grass hay, round bale shared with 4 horses total.
-Night time post grain and alfalfa he gets another ~4 lbs grass hay.

My 9yr old Trak/TB cross - showing at Novice and does the jumpers at 4-5 shows a year.
AM - 1 pound of Total Equine, round bale and grass
PM - 1 pound TE, 2 flakes grass hay, 1/2 flake alfalfa
Bedtime - 3 flakes grass hay, 1/2 flake alfalfa, 1.5lbs alfalfa pellets soaked with 1 lb beet pulp, 1/3 cup chia seed, electrolytes, vit/min supplement, U7, probiotics, 1 pound TE.
Now that he is mature, he is a pretty easy keeper. I try to keep hay in front of him all the time. He is a slow hay eater.

My 8yr old, 15.3hh warmblood going prelim, so lots of work, doesn’t get too much.

~2qrts BS sentinel LS am/pm
1 cup (measured dry) pelleted beat pulp am/pm
Lots of hay

No grass unfortunately and sometimes towards the end of the season we have to bump his grain up a bit more but he has a nice shiny coat and has tons of energy (seriously, this guy can go forever)