What do you feed your growing foals?

My colt is 3 months old and on pasture at night. I feed coastal hay during the day with perennial peanut mixed in. My mare is a bit of a easy keeper (and stays fat on air). She is on 1 lb of ration balancer, which the colt eats a bite or two of, but not much because she inhales her feed. I have had to cut the mare back on hay, because she was looking rather fat…

Wondering if I should start creep feeding, and if so how much grain should I offer? Should I purchase a mare and foal feed, a milk based pellet, or would it be fine to feed him the ration balancer?

He should mature to about 15 hands.

At 4 months, he can start having feed that isn’t milk-based. At that point you can start weaning him on to his own serving of a ration balancer.

Between now and then you’d want to use a milk-based creep feed, and it’s probably not worth it to get a whole 50lb bag, but you could. That would also make it easier to wean onto a ration balancer as you decrease the milk-based pellet

Feed according to the directions, which will be more than an adult would get.