What do YOU want to see in equestrian apparel?

There is so much room for growth and innovation within our sports apparel! Although the equestrian apparel industry seems to be very saturated for its size, I am tired of seeing repeats of everything again and again. What is something you would like to see? What do you think is good so far? What should we completely get rid of?

I’d like to see lower prices. The same items that are not marketed to equestrians are so much cheaper.


Quality, lower priced items that are not obviously “knock offs” of high end brands or plastered with a logo. I don’t like walking around announcing how much I did or didn’t spend on my clothes.


Agreed! I started buying white and tan leggings from places like Lululemon and TJ Maxx even. I would love to see a realistic priced brand that caters to equestrian-specific clothing. $1,000 for a show coat is insulting to me!


I mostly buy my tops and outerwear from regular outdoor or sports shops. Better sizes, colors, quality, price. Gloves from hardware stores or ski liners, mostly.

I buy a few brands of full seat breeches that last me for years.

I am currently interested in winter rain gear.

I’m an adult woman with some money to spend, but I’m not interested in pastels, pink anything, or sparkles. I was sorry when real suede full seat breeches disappeared.

I like my Ariat paddock boots but I think they should hold up better for the price. However nothing else seems as comfortable in the footbed.


Breeches that are not low rise or crotch high! Hello, not everyone is pencil thin with no curves!

More variety of sun shirts, stylish and comfy riding tights and stylish and comfy winter gear.

Agree on the prices…for everything.


Earth tones!! I want soft browns, moss, olive, rust, mauve, etc. at a reasonable price point for tops and breeches. I’d also love to see winter technical tops in heavier fabrics with underarm light weight fabric inserts and a nice mock neck.


Fair trade manufacturing. And since the thread has discussed cost a fair amount already, yes, I expect to and will pay up for this.

Steps towards sustainable and fair pay manufacturing would be good too. It’s 2020, people.


Everything that has been stated above and riding tights that are affordable yet as stylish as the non-riding tights that we have in literally every brand that is NON equestrian, yet I cannot for the life of me find in riding tights.

On that note, I like when my riding clothes can be passable as “regular” clothes so that if i stop on my way home from the barn, people don’t look at me weird. I have been to more than my fair share of bars wearing breeches…

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Ditto on the earth tones for breeches.
And basically, I just want technical, comfortable, beautiful euroseat knee patch breeches in a variety of trendy and traditional styles for less than 60 dollars a pair. I am sick of having to buy very high end to get durability and comfort while looking decent. Brands like Smartpak Hadley and Elation and Horze mean you can now get decent breeches for around 100 USD but that it is still very expensive compared to say, running clothing.

Off the rack SCHOOLING tall boots (ala the ariat volant) in a variety of pretty and trendy styles - think fashion boot type styles but an appropriate height, tightness, and designed to ride in.

Additionally, winter versions of both of the above. And Smartpak and a few other brands now make good (warm!) affordable trainers coats for less than 200 dollars but I would love to see more competition; non riding brand ones are nice but they are also often pricey and you often can’t hop on a horse in them.

More pretty wide belts in real leather - I only like the TS and Mane Jane offerings at present.

Lastly, this is starting to happen via Dover and Essex Classics, but button up shirts (not show shirts) in technical stretch fabrics for a more formal schooling look with all of great features we now have in show shirts.

Oh, and sun shirts with contrasting lace mesh shoulder and arm panels. I’ve seen show shirts like this but not sun shirts.


Have you checked out Buckwildbreeches.com and their Curvy Mare line?

Better pricing, as has been mentioned.
Better sizing, still haven’t been able to find tall boots for muscular calves, or jackets for long torso short limbs.


Have you tried the Hunt Club shirt? Apologies I forgot the specific style. It’s a “popover” style in a performance fabric. I bought one first in white and then a handful of other colors because I love it so much - and have gotten plenty of compliments from non-horse people.

I have my eye on it, actually - might buy soon, although this time of year I need technical winter baselayers more than visible-to-the-outside-world schooling shirts.

Petite/short-length breeches! And while we’re at it, short-height boots as well. Apparel manufacturers seem to have figured out that tall people ride horses, but they are clueless about serving the other end of the bell curve. We’re not all 17.2 Hanoverians.


Better pockets preferably w zippers



For Christ’s sake, yoga pants have this figured out…


I actually hate this design- unless the pocket is SUPER deep, I find that the motion of my leg causes the phone to pop out and I need to keep pushing it down while running. I prefer a zippered waistband pocket.


I have, but Im a size 2 or 4, but have curves (big round bum and tiny waist). So they unfortunately won’t work for me. Horze have been the best fit for me so far.


Horseware tights have this!