What footwear do western riders use when riding in snowy conditions?

Cowboy boots don’t seem to cut it. Slippery and cold

Traditionally, rubber overshoes over regular cowboy boots.

Some like the 5 buckle heavier ones:


Others like the slip on lighter ones:


I wear snow pacs.

Depends on the temperature. It was pretty decent the other day so I wore my cheap thinner snow boots to catch horses, and then used my cowboy boots to actually ride.
If it is chillier, then I will wear some Ariat insulated riding boots I bought this year that work pretty well.
If need be, I’ll also use the HotHands toe warmers for either option.

Well, are you riding out in winter conditions, or are we talking “it’s winter, but I am riding in and indoor”?

I wear my Ariat cowboy boots year round. But in the winter and early spring when it’s cold, snowy/icy or mucky, I slip on my muckboots, grab horses, tack up and pull on my cowboy boots before I get on/head into the arena.

If I’m riding out, I still wear them - I bought a pair of the exact same Ariats but in a half size larger so I can wear a thicker sock in the winter. Works great.