What front boots are the best bubble wrap?

I am looking for new front boots for my horse… She was my junior hunter for a few years and when I went off to school she was leased out, then she had some minor lameness issues off and on for a year. I moved her to a barn near me at school this last December, she had all winter off, and now she’s 100% sound and the vet gave us the OK to go back into work. I’m hoping to get her back into shape and possibly start jumping (small) this fall. I want something for her front legs that’s protective and supportive. I have open front boots and originally was thinking I need something more protective than that, but what are your opinions?

There are a couple of back on track boots I like and was wondering about everyone’s experiences with them… and I’m open to others as well :slight_smile:


Your open front boots should serve you just fine if you’re worried about her whacking herself. As for support IMO don’t waste your money. They don’t support the leg all they do is hold in heat.

The best thing you can do for her is to bring her back slowly to start getting her fit again.


second^^^^ I love BOT products but you really do not want add heat while exercising for a variety of reasons…per my vet.