What happened 12-1-2021 to Coth

Why Coth was off line for 12 hours on 12-1-2021 ?

No idea, but I imagine Mods were too busy fixing whatever it was to post.
Thankful it’s back, I was Jonesing for my fix last night :crazy_face:

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I’m waiting to hear what the actual issue was… fixing whatever it was is definitely not in my wheelhouse!


I always imagine when something like that happens what’s going on behind the scenes is like the ducks… serene above the water and paddling like crazy below the water.

Depending on what actually happened, fixing things are not always fun.

I always wonder how they find out that it is broken. Is there some way that the software says ‘hey, I’m broken’ to them or does someone have to notice that it is down?
The COTH site was working, just not the forum.

COTH I don’t know but IMO any good system-level software (of which I would consider COTH’s forum software) should have the ability to automagically notify administrators of the problem… and the problem could be network, operating system, application, underlying software, could be anywhere. I don’t know how the COTH Forum environment is configured but the difference pieces should be able to know there is a problem since we sure couldn’t. The page that we saw could have been set up to auto-display or the administrators could have manually configured it to display until the problem is identified and resolved (which could have included restoring pieces parts from backups).