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What Happened to Sealtex Latex Bit Wrap? Was Going To Try It On My Muzzle

So you can’t buy sealtex latex bit bandage anymore? I was going to try it on my muzzle to stop rubs. I’m waiting for my thinline muzzle to arrive… what are folks using instead?

I use sheepskin

Sheepskin and duct tape on different parts!

what is the name of the sheepskin product? thanks!

Duct tape.

Wrapping to make sure all seams are on the outside, and that the inside is smooth, lasts a really long time and doesn’t collect dirt/burrs/etc, and you can use bright colors to help find the lost muzzle at some point

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It looks like it’s still out there. https://dark-horse-tack.com/products/sealtex-latex-bandage-1

But I usually just cut up old halter fleeces and use a combo of vetwrap and duct tape.

Best Friends sells the sheepskin liners. and any halter set will do for the top and sides. You do want to wash them once a month or so.

There used to be someone on ebay that made sheepskin for muzzles but I agree that adapting halter sets works…

Sheepskin halter cover set, with zip ties to keep it on.

I don’t think that store is open anymore.

I’ve used sealtex for a lot of things, but I don’t know that it would be anywhere near as good as duct tape or sheepskin for a rubbing muzzle.

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Sealtex ~ RE Fennells ~ Lexington, Ky. sells it in one yard roll $10.50 and five yard rolls $75.95 ~

I use it for bits, stirrups, foot stirrups on my jog cart ~

Great product like old time Murphy’s Oil Soap ~

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Fennells also has the amazing old school rice root brushes.

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Yes !!! Blue Ribbon level brushes !!

Great place owned by a grand family ~ The Glenns

Regarding Sealtex, our store has not been able to get it from any of our vendors for nearly a year now.

I had really good luck with duct tape as well for spot cushioning a grazing muzzle. Better than most purpose-built padding. The Best Friends fleece Muzzle Mates were great on a halter noseband for the type of muzzle that attaches to a halter.

I used moleskin and mole foam on mine, a bit pricey but I only used them on the spots that were rubbing her. Then put her on a dry lot so now have a box full of muzzles sitting around. :grin:

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The US factory that produced Sealtex stopped manufacture last year. It’s still made in Germany and the UK but I know there’s been significant supply issues there too.


Vetwrap ~

Comes in many colors and is soft ~ easy to apply and remove and re-apply ~

Vetwrap gets nasty and gummy too fast. And then it’s gooey and hard to remove. Hard pass!


Gorilla tape works better than duct tape- until you want to remove it!!

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