What happens when XC (or SJ) is canceled at an event?

At Chatt this weekend, XC was canceled for BN-Modified, as well as SJ for BN. (Looked to have been a good call, but the venue made the call and not the riders)

Do these results count for AEC qualifications or points? Do riders get any sort of refund? (I assume no for both of these, but is that the right assumption?)

Just curious the outcomes. I had talked about entering but ended up not, and after the fact, I am glad I decided not to.

This is Ontario so probably not super relative but we had XC cancelled at Will O Wind due to fog. Results didn’t count for anything if you didn’t complete XC already and no one got a refund of any sort or re entry to another year.

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Nope. No qualifications no refunds. The organizer did all the work and spent all the money but mother nature didn’t cooperate. The joys of outdoor sport!


Thats what I assumed, but was curious. Thanks for confirming my suspicion.

I have only had this happen once, xc was canceled due to footing but they were able to hold SJ for all divisions. It was recorded as a CT on our USEA records, but did not count for qualifications and no refunds. Sucked, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.


What FromTheGalaxy said. Scored as a Combined Test, so no HT qualifications, and no refund.

Note that, if the WHOLE THING had been cancelled due to weather there would (in most cases) be no refund beyond the starter fees, and no qualifications.

Honestly if I had showed up for just a dressage score, or a non-qualifying CT score… I would have rather just saved my gas money and eaten cheetos on the couch that day, while burning the entry fee regardless. :rofl:

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I agree!!! Showing up for just a dressage score or a non-qualifying CT on a cold, wet weekend would be terrible. I would be more okay with a CT than just a dressage test - poor BN riders (where I would have been should I have decided to enter).

It looks like Friday and Saturday was nice - so not as bad as it could have been, but Sunday was too much rain.

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Agreed, I would have loved to save on the hotel and gas. Unfortunately can’t really predict what the weather is going to do. At my local event, they held out as long as they could before having to cancel XC on Saturday because it just kept raining and the footing would have been dangerous. It was a 2 day event, so since we were already there and had done dressage, I decided to go ahead and do our SJ round anyway.


Tell me about it!

However, amazing photos were had that day for me. The fog was so thick you couldn’t see two strides ahead. Never seen anything like it mid day.


Oh wow that is really cool! Brave horse to go for it, too!

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It’s really sucky for all, but the weather this weekend was a typically temperamental southern spring. We battened down the hatches and loaded ours up on hay overnight and got…nothing. maybe 2 wind gusts and 4 rain drops. Chatt Hills is almost due east of me 2 hours away and got hammered.


She’d jump off the Grand Canyon if you asked lol nothing stops her except my riding hahahah


I once drove 2,000 miles for the dressage. Remnants of Hurricane Ike came up into Chicagoland when the AECs were at Lamplight. 3” or rain the morning of XC and they had to cancel Prelim and up. Moved to stadium (The AEC Combined Test) and the deluge was so bad I just scratched.

It was just a mess. But, nature of the game.


Oh lord, that’s a real drag. Like trying to jump an entire stadium round… in the water complex.

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This happened one of the few times I was able to volunteer at Groton House’s recognized event, in 2015. It was amazing.


But note, I am not saying most venues would be able to.

I wish I got photos over fences, the video looks much the same. Ian took this one while I walked cross!

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Did you get to ride cross? I can’t remember if anyone did!

No They called it before I could, was pretty bummed we didn’t get a schooling or something out of it though.

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Try sitting in the show office when that decision is being made. I get paid to get cussed out at my real job, not as a volunteer.

Or even when there’s incoming potential tornados and XC was moved up to 1 minute intervals to try and get all the rides in and we’re running out of order taking riders as fast as we can take them. Riders running as close together as a carousel horse out on XC and people cussing out the management or refusing to go early because their trainer isn’t there to warm them up. Meanwhile we’re moving vehicles out to XC so the jump judges have shelter from the potential hail…

If the organizers can predict the weather ahead of time, notice to the riders that it will be run as a CT is common. However, sometimes the weather doesn’t give notice.