What is the coolest fly sheet that’s most comfortable for the horse

I think my horse likes to be naked but at the same time he gets itchy and in the summer and will get some nasty bites and some nasty hives particularly on his belly. When this horse younger used to get covered in hives but he grew out of that although he still gets some nasty bites every summer. I have used fly sheets of times over the years. I found some really nice fly sheets good prices but a lot of them have integrated necks and I thought he probably wouldn’t want to be fully covered. So I thought I should probably get the detach a neck.

This horse is sensitive to static. Has anybody had the weatherbeeta airflow detach a neck ? Did it cause static? Is the soft material likely to cause static and the courser material less of a problem with static? As mentioned in this thread I like the professional choice fly sheets which have everything except a belly band. I would be really interested in hearing what people find to be the coolest and most comfortable for the horse. I am not concerned about durability only about my horses comfort. If I could hear what fly sheets worked in hot climates I would really appreciate that. Any further advise would be greatly appreciated!

I don’t have it, but some of my friends do. They say it works well for those super sensitive to static. It is a stiffer mesh so will tent a little more so hasn’t been too hot. But this is from a low humidity climate. But I’d imagine it would be similar to the WB rip stop as far as how hot it is.

We don’t live in an exceptionally hot area. Will the stiffer material cause rubs?

No, it shouldn’t if it fits decently. I think the shoulders are lined.

I live in an exceptionally hot area, and I like the stiffer fly sheets better. My horse finds them more comfortable. I have a Kensington currently and I really, really like it

Does your horse get rubs?

He does not. The Kensington is lined at the shoulders. He is more likely to get a rub from his winter blankets. He does not wear it 24/7 though so i can’t speak to how it works if that’s how you want to use it. It is very durable though. Cute colors to boot!

I think rubs maybe more a function of a good fit.

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Adorable. I Like the looks of the Kensington as well. I had considered buying one of those.

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My horse has a big upright shoulder but is narrow through the chest (relative to the rest of him lol). I appreciate the adjustability of the chest closure. I like the snaps on the straps too. They sell the neck covers, boots and fly masks to match. I have a matching fly mask. It stays on really well.

Last I checked the fabric is American made! It’s fire resistant evidently (haven’t tested that lol). It offers decent UV protection. Last summer this horse had a noticeable “suntan line” on his neck. Still dark under where the sheet covers and bleached where the sheet doesn’t cover. I may purchase a neck cover this year.

I use the shoo fly leggings instead of the Kensington fly boots.

Thread updated. Any further opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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I don’t recall having issues with static and fly sheets, but bug season is usually pretty humid here.

It’s hard to decide what to order isn’t it :slight_smile:

I can’t seem to quote on my phone. One of my concerns he got some nasty hives on his belly last year. A belly bend might help.


My previous fly sheet was an inexpensive one from Amazon with a ladybug print and a belly band. I liked both of those features lol. I struggled with the belly band fit. Mine seemed so loose I was afraid horse would catch a leg in it! So I’d dbl check how adjustable the belly band fit is on a sheet before ordering one!

That’s true. I bought a Weatherbeeta detach and neck medium weight winter blanket. The bellyband fit him well. Unfortunately with the forward facing gussets that size 78” looked pretty good but I think it rubbed him and the three days he wore it. I wanted to give it another try next winter but if it rubs I’ll sell it.

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I have used fly sheets on my two horses here in central Fla. Partially to keep the nearly white beast cleaner, and the other is sensitive to bugs. Neither of them are hard on their sheets. I buy the Tough-1 mesh, they are cheap by almost any standard and they have held up just fine. Pretty darn light in weight and they dont seem to sweat any more than they would if naked.
Note that my two are only out part of a day, neither with company in pasture. Also note that my stallion can play over fence with next pasture horses and they do not bother the sheet - though his fly mask has been “stolen” a number of times… :roll_eyes:
Also, edited to add that I am a fan of the zebra print!


Most of mine have been very happy in the Amigo Bug Buster. The one that needed something more breathable did well in the Schneider’s Mosquito Mesh.

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My current OTTB inherited WeatherBeeta fly sheets and they have saved his bacon. I have the neckpieces that you can add and leg boots but it gets really hot here in SC TX.I haven’t used those on him because he’s turned out on 90 acres and I don’t want to have to go look for them :slight_smile:

I rotate between 2 sheets and he rolls in the mud whenever we have rain. They soldier on. I throw them in my Maytag with saddle pads and they come out clean and go back to work.

I found his Cashel fly mask in the dirt yesterday. I’m not sure if he rubbed it off or the mare next to him helped him pull it off. How is the weatherbeeta for midgets?I’ve gotten a few bites from them when I’m cleaning the barn in the evening things are horrible. The mare next to him rubbed her tail badly yesterday. He used to always get really itchy I’ve been using fly spray’s and natural conditioning detangling sprays I suspect he will need a sheet soon or he will get itchy as he has in the past. One challenge for me is that I don’t live near a tack store and it’s hard to try sheets on. He has had fly sheets in the past but I never had one that seemed to fit perfectly. Did you ever have any problem with static?As I think I read a review that mentioned static as being a problem.

The ones I have are the Weatherbeeta Detach-a-Neck mesh sheets. I found a pic of one here: https://www.statelinetack.com/item/wb-comfitec-dura-mesh-detach-neck-sheet/E018519%2069%20WHB/?srccode=GPSLTB&adlclid=c61191ff4c061ba645cef16ca376ebb8&msclkid=c61191ff4c061ba645cef16ca376ebb8&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=[ADL]%20[Shopping]%20[PLA]%20Generic%20Terms&utm_term=4583451666665334&utm_content=Generic%20Terms

I don’t know about midgets—I’m in south central Texas and not sure if we have them. As far as static, has not been a problem, but that might also depend on your climate. Here, we generally have plenty of humidity in the summer so I haven’t noticed any. I"ve only noticed static in the winter with nylon blankets and ONLY when we have a north wind blowing because the air gets dry then. For size, I have 80s. They’ve fit my OTTBs from 16h and solid build to 16.3 and long and lanky with no problem. My guy right now is 16.1 and not real big around and it’s plenty roomy on him but it’s fine. It covers a LOT! When he got here in Dec., he’d had blanket rubs on his shoulders. The blankets I had didn’t do that, and the rubs went away and I’m not seeing any from his fly sheets either.

Thank you! I have a Weatherbeeta sheet which looks like a perfect fit but appears to rub him. I am most concerned about finding a perfect fit. Since all my blankets have gussets And he seems getting rubs I was thinking of trying this professional choice comfort fit fly sheet https://www.willowequestrian.com/products/professionals-choice-comfort-fit-fly-sheet-charcoal-black-69. A lot of the reviews on Google say that they fit small and to go up a size. However I asked the manufacturer and they think it fits true to size. I am in a distant location where I have to ship it back to return it is hardly worthwhile. My concern is that if the blanket fits true to size he should fit size 78” but if it fits small (as some reviews suggest ) he needs 81” for sure.

Has anybody tried the professional choice comfort fit? Does it fit Does t fit small? The other sheet I could order is tough rider fusion. I have an amigo bug rug but it fits tight in front so I don’t use it but I fear the 81” might be too big.