What is the one item you run out of most on a monthly basis?

A quickie question for my class:

What is one thing (excluding feed and medicine products) that you run out of on a monthly basis in the barn, and therefore sends you to the store most often?

Dang, until I got to the end of the question, my answer was MONEY!

Horse treats.

Yep. Cookies.

Spring through fall- fly spray!

Year-round: Leather Therapy leather cleaner, summer: fly spray.

Fly spray when seasonally appropriate, other assorted fly control products (like swat and diaper rash cream) and horse treats (cookies and fruits/veggies).

Fly spray, treats, grooming sprays & shampoo

Treats, fly spray, goldbond.

Fly spray, treats and shampoo products ( grey horse ugh)

Fly spray, Keratex, hoof supplement, Ledi-combi



[QUOTE=Jungle Monkey;7517130]

YES!!! :smiley:

Flyspry and poultice in the warmer months!

I never run out of treats/peppermints monthly…because I run out of them weekly. Permanent item on my weekly grocerly list. :lol:

Treats for the horses
Vet Wrap
Epsom Salt Paste (though this is sporadic and not so frequent)

And then, of course, like everyone else, the list continues with Money, Patience, and Time! :lol:

Fly spray (summer only), treats, feeds, oil, vitamins…list goes on! :stuck_out_tongue:

But most importantly, money! :frowning:

I only have the two horses and tend to buy in large quantities so there is no one thing that runs out every month except feed of course. I’ll buy a big container of fly spray soon, did get a fly mask, have gotten treats in the past couple of months - oh, I know - I use Coke as a carrier for one of his medications and I fight it out with the other members of the family to keep it in the house. Weird, huh?


Purple shampoo (white horse!)
Fly spray