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What Kind of Carts are These

My cousin came across 2 mini horse carts and we’d like to know what they are and what they would be worth, if possible. If it’s not allowed to as about worth, just what kind of carts. This isn’t an ad. Any info would be appreciated

They are for showing in Pleasure Driving divisions They appear to be nice condition. From what I can see, the blue one is a nicer cart. If they are in good condition, the blue one would go for $800 maybe $1,000 around here. The other maybe $500.

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Thank you.
Now to figure out what to do with them. None of us have horses, let alone minis.

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There is a Facebook group for buying/selling pony carts. You could also post in your regional driving groups. Be prepared to provide these measurements or allow local buyers to come measure for themselves.


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Thank you. I’m passing this on to my cousin.

The blue one looks like it might be pony size.

Side by side they seem to the same size. We are going to measure them this week though. We aren’t going to go out of our way to sell them, but I was given a Facebook group to advertise them, and maybe marketplace. He has nothing invested in them so we will see what we can do.

Do they have a maker listed on the hub cabs or a logo on the side of the shaft where the single tree is?

The one with the stirrups looks like a Jerald or Graber. Worth a mint even if they need some small work. At least $1000 for the one with the stirrups since it can be used in multiple classes. Can’t see the other one but the seat leads me to believe it’s a little different, perhaps amish made, which I’d say closer to $750

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I’ll look to see if there are makers marks on either one. Thanks for mentioning that. I’m going to try and get measurements next week, so I’ll look then. I’m sure, if they want me to list them somewhere, it will all be local.

Tks for that info. I have a very nice antique wicker seat piano box pony buggy and harness (sleigh bell strap) I will need to sell. Pony days are over. He aged out on me. I miss my life. But sore legs and joints say no more also. No more climbing in and out of the buggy. The reality is a done deal.

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I felt bad selling my pony’s harness and cart, but I was never going to un-retire him. That was a little easier than disposing of my other pony’s harness after he died, for some reason.

Sorry you and I both can’t do it any more.


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