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What kind of Crosby Saddle do I have???

Hi! I am looking to sell my Crosby Saddle but I do not know how old it is nor what model it is.
The stamped number is: 4 11 253
There are no knee rolls or thigh stoppers, it is a jumping saddle.
(I believe it is old, but I cant be sure. From what I found from the digging I did it was referred to as a ‘old pancake saddle’?)
There are also the letters ‘RH’ stamped two or so inches above the model/serial number.
Does anyone know what model this is, or how old it may be?

Do u have a picture? I used to ride in the Crosby prix des nations which sounds similar

Do u have a picture? I used to ride in the Crosby prix des nations which sounds similar[/QUOTE]

I agree. Sounds like a PDN, but without pictures it’s hard to really tell. I don’t believe Crosby is as known with stamping as CWD. Crosby was bought out, I believe, a few years ago. You can probably try to get in contact with the manufacturer, but most people can tell which Crosby you have by pictures.

Agree with others that it is probably a Prix de Nations. If you like riding in the saddle and plan to continue riding horses at some point in the rest of your life, keep the saddle. It isn’t worth much to sell, they are out of fashion. Present day riders often can’t ride in these saddles, they do not have the strong seat and legs that are required, and instead rely on knee rolls and thigh blocks in an attempt to hold them from falling off. The saddle is not irreplaceable, but if you sell it now, at some point down the road you will regret it. The older made saddles were made to last, they do not wear out like so many of the new ones do. It doesn’t cost anything to keep the saddle, just in case.

Crosby made other pancake saddles including the Corinthian and the hunterdon. You’ll really need to post pictures to have any idea what you’ve got