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What pads are we using under our saddle blankets?

Planning to show my horse in ranch and western dressage. I got the perfect blanket and tried it out the other day with a basic 1/2” contoured wool felt liner. My horse has fairly pronounced withers but by no means a shark fin. I could not get the pads to stay up off his withers no how many times I adjusted. What is the best under pad for a horse with some wither?

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I find that show blankets tend to not stay up. I usually don’t find it a super big deal since they should be just used occasionally and not for long periods of time or for your everyday riding.

I use SPH pads.

CSI Pads are unmatched. They hold up and are incredibly supportive. It’s a small US company as well so the customer service and support are amazing. They can customize to fit any fit/conformation problems.


I just use my every day 5 Star pad under my show blanket.

What pad do you normally ride in?
Why can’t you just use that?

*pretty color by the way! looks great

I have a Toklat matrix with a fleece bottom and it’s just too thick/bulky to use under the blanket.

Classic equine makes a thin “Reiner” work pad that is contoured to automatically stay off the wither. It’s my go to for under show pads because it’s not big and bulky but very good quality.

If you have a problem with your saddle moving, a won pad is a good option too.

Do you think it’s difficult to feel your horse’s back using those style of pads? I used them, and other brands, when I was roping a lot competitively but went back to a thinner wool pad for showing and my horses weren’t possibly taking a jerk or towing a steer because I felt like I could feel my horse under me.

I just bought an ecogold western pad. It’s shaped so it stays off the withers. high tech material which might be cooler that other materials.