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What registry?

Will be purchasing a 4 month old filly this week. Sire is Zang and dam is AHHA. So what options are available for registration? I get so confused by them all! Feel free to share your thoughts/input on each. Filly is in Missouri. Looking since she may have babies. TIA!!

Where is the sire approved for breeding? He can be Zangersheide (sp) by registration, but that doesn’t mean he’s got breeding approval anywhere

Edit - I deleted part of my comment because my brain somehow read AHHA as AQHA LOL

Sire is approved Zangersheide and dam is Holsteiner if that helps.

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I would ask the seller first. Then I would contact the Holsteiner registry in this country (I think there is somebody in the US and not just the German officials). Find out if the mare has been inspected for breeding for Holsteiner and if the stallion is licensed/ acceptable for Holsteiner papers.

If he’s only approved Zang, and she’s only approved AHHA, then you need to call AHHA and see if they reciprocate that stallion’s approval. If so, the filly can be registered AHHA. If not, you’d need to ask each registry what your options are for that particular breeding

For clarity - saying a horse “is” Zangersheide, or “is” Hol, that refers to their registration, making then that “breed”

that’s very separate from where they’re approved for breeding, which doesn’t even have to be their registry.

So is the mare AHHA by registration? Or are you saying she’s approved for breeding? Which mare book? That’s important too

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Ooops - forgot this. You might be able to check the stallion’s status by looking at his semen sales ad. A lot of time the semen brokers will list what registries the stallion is approved by and if the stallion is domestic and a US farm stands him - sometimes the farm will list his approvals.

But you still need to know the mare’s status for Holsteiner registration. I don’t know about Zangersheide - I think they do some things differently.

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Zangersheide and North American Studbook are definitely options.

sBs and AES might be as well.

KWPN-NA is also an option with no inspection.