What should I expect to pay for this type?

My warmblood weanling was $10k in 2012 and a similarly bred one would probably be $12-15k today. The hard part with a QH or Appendix is that they tend to breed a more downhill horse and I wouldn’t want one of them until it was older so I had a better idea how it would end up conformationally. I grew up showing AQHA and have quite a few friends who breed QH hunters (they are ALL appendix btw), but just not the conformation I want for a show hunter. If I were going to buy one, I’d talk to Ryan Painter bc he actually does pretty well at the Texas rated shows with his QH hunters and they are pretty cute!

Have you looked in Canada at all? Your dollar would go further up here with the current exchange rate.


That’s actually a really great idea. I have browsed some random breeders’ pages just for fun but not actually looked to see what’s out there!

Definitely worth a look I’d say, I often see exactly what you’re looking for go for around 20-35k Canadian regularly.


If you’re going closer to 2-3 yo and unbroken… maybe under 25k.
If you’re going closer to 3-4 yo broken u/s but not seeing jumps yet. maybe under 35k.
If you’re going closer to 4-6 yo broken and green over jumps- mid-5 figures (35-60k)
If you’re going closer to 5-9 yo imported with any record, gone to some small shows and coursing, and can get a piece of the hack- mid-high 5’s… maybe higher depending on breeding, record, if it has changes, has it won against decent competition, etc.

That’s where the market has been lately. There’s always deals, fire sales, divorces, healthcare issues/bills etc that helps move horses quicker, but that’s pretty much where it’s been. If it’s going solid and winning… and it’s doing it over 3’, the number pushes much closer to 6 figures+ if you’re looking to be a contender at A shows.


In my experience as a seller, I’d tack about $20k on to all those prices, especially the 4-6 y/o green over fences. That’s my market and it’s high fives, even into low sixes, for fresh-off-the-plane horses that haven’t even set foot at an American horse show yet.


I’m not disagreeing… I went on the lower side. Believe me… I get it. I was trying to stay reasonable but you’re not wrong.

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I would second this. I am a dressage rider, but my mare is bred to jump. I bought her straight from the breeder and I know even last year they were selling the unbroke coming 3 year olds starting at $20K CAD.


You’re 100% right that it’s all about geography too.
Plus, right off the plane and mare costs a lot more than right off the plane and gelding. If you think what they’re padding for quarantine, that’s a couple K right there for the additional time.

Oofta. If I could buy a big, pretty, good-brained, hack-pinning, PPE-passing, 5 year old WB who is well started over jumps for $35K…I’d be shocked!


I mean… in some parts of the country… this is still possible, but it’s usually leaning closer to the higher end of that number in the more populated areas… and when I say green over jumps… I’m talking… learning to go down lines and baby coursing… not jumping 3’ and occasionally swapping off.


Yup, you are looking at 50k-60k for that at a minimum.

I sat on a lot of really perfectly nice 5-9 year olds priced in the upper 5’s in FL over the winter while looking for a passable 3’ adult hunter, and watched quite a few more in that price point I didn’t even get on because they were lame. Not one of these horses were going to get a piece of the hack unless the class was only 6 horses to start with. Very kind, easy going, safe horses, and that’s what $85k buys right now.

I ended up finding my new one only because of a right place/right time situation - super fancy but a little bit of a sensitive, overachieving soul. I’m not anything beyond an average ammy but like a bit of a different kind of ride than most, and this one was 100% my type of ride. Definitely a needle in a haystack situation, though, and consider myself super lucky to have found it.


I have a youthful 18 year old 2’6" packer (jumper)! He’s an appaloosa though, so many write him off.

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You are confusing Ireland and the UK which are not the same country. Irish horses do not need to go through the extra checks associated with Brexit because Ireland is on the EU. The facebook poster you link to is not in the EU anymore.

Friend just imported one and it was not “double”. I believe the quarantine cost on the US side has gone up this year though, it is typically at least one third of the total cost for that alone.

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I don’t think it’s increased unless your individual import agent is padding the bill. My USDA quarantines have all been around $3,500 for the last year. (My last import in March was $8,289 door-to-door from Europe to my farm in NJ.)

Import cost for me went up this year versus late 2019, but the actual US quarantine portion of it was about the same. Some of the transport (airfare and trucking) parts went up, and that was roughly the same across several quotes, so not agent specific there. And so I’d also expect to pay more to buy in North America and truck the horse any major distance.

For sure anything involving fuel is going to cost more now that it did before. That’s not horse-import specific. But it would 100% include horse importing.

Not confusing the countries at all. There were some problems with flights from Ireland not that long ago and some Irish horses ended up going to Liege to fly out also. They too got caught in the issues seen at Calais.

I have gotten quotes for friends from the companies I quote every time and they’re all MUCH higher. Some have doubled, some are just higher than they were.

Since I bought from the UK I have been more attentive to the issues for horses coming from GB. Those definitely have challenges due to Brexit.


My 2022 transport from Liege to JFK was about $1,000 more than in 2018. Air transport was the only increase-- both USDA and CEM quarantine (both mares) was unchanged.

How high do you want to jump?