What should I order from Greenhawk?

Greenhawk seems to be the only retailer with an item I would like to purchase (can’t seem to find a US retailerof Shedrow standing bandages anywhere). With shipping being a bit high from Canada to US, I figured I should make the order worth my while. Is there anything this American shouldn’t overlook at Greenhawk?

Shedrow is one of Greenhawk’s house brands, so it will be pretty hard to find it anywhere else :slight_smile:

I like the Elation (another Greenhawk brand) Chelsea breeches, and the equivalent full seat style, Devon (on sale). I also like their 1/4 zip tech tops which are far more reasonable than some other brands.

If you need blankets, their Summit line is nice. Beware they run large and measure in Euro sizing. My horse takes an 80" in American sizing, and 78-81" in Euro (depending on brand) and he’s in the 78" Summit rainsheet. He would drown in the 81".

Is there anything specific you need?

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Yes, Shedrow is a Greenhawk proprietary. Look at other items in the Shedrow line, as they are often cheaper (but still good quality) than “brand name” equivalents. They have “knock offs” of everything from lunging rigs to vet wrap, saddle bags, saddle pads, etc. Doggie stuff, too.

I am also a fan of the Elation Chelsea breeches. I see they’re currently on sale for CDN $150, too! I’ve found they run a touch small. I wear a 26 in TS, but prefer a 28 in Elation.

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Dealers; http://www.equestrianbrandsinternati…ourdealers.asp

Greenhawk (Calgary) sell the shedrow line as do Equestrian Brands International (Ontario) who list dealers in the US.

I opened a number of those dealer websites and none of them actually had any of the Shedrow, Elation, Mondega or Val du Bois products in stock or listed on their website. Not to say that none of them do, but its kind of odd.

I live local to Greenhawk and have been pleased with most of their products. They make a plaid “Shedrow” fly sheet that is the toughest fly sheet I have ever encountered. I have liked all of my horse boots and wraps from them, and I actually currently own and love a Mondega saddle as my English saddle. The Mondega leather products IME are reasonably good quality for the price.

I don’t particularly care for saddles or strap goods from Greenhawk. I would always advise buying good quality second hand over their new tack. They are good for generics, like their brand of Animallintex, and they’ve been known to have 50% off sales on wormer. I wore their cotton knit breeches for a few years, and wore out at least 4 pair in 3 years, wore right through the full seat faux suede. So I up graded to better quality breeches on discount bought elsewhere. They do carry Ariat boots, and might be having a sale on odd sizes right now (something came through my email on this). If your horse has lower withers their saddle pads might be a great deal, but my mare has high withers, and a longer flap to her dressage saddle, and the Shedrow saddle pads are too skimpy for her.

I don’t use wraps or boots, and I’ve bought name brands of blankets/ fly sheets (blankets second hand) so I can’t speak to those at Greenhawk.

In other words, for me, “what to buy at Greenhawk?” is actually a difficult question :slight_smile: now that I am stocked up on basics of horse care.

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I thought of another thing - if you are looking at getting any Back on Track items, Greenhawk has their own line called “Thermal Therapy”. It’s the same ceramic-infused material at BOT. Made by the same supplier.

I’ve got the quick wraps and they do a great job (I also have brand name BOT items - same experience).