What stallion to put my mare with?

I have a 16.1 event mare, we think she’s Hanoverian (breeding not recorded) she can be quite opinionated when riding, but this isn’t often (only when in season) the rest of the time she’s a lovely, calm, quiet sort. I’d like to breed a better walk into her, from the hind quarters, and possibly more topline. I’d like to keep the flashiness that she has in the front end, but overall create more uphill offspring with big movement.
I have a gelding by Carpaccio who I adore, would it be a good option to breed with Carpaccio with my mare?
thank you for any help!

Nice mare.
What level do you want out of the foal?
It will help people suggest a stallion. Most of the time Wb’s need more blood for the cross country but that keeps the jump. Sounds like you just want to improve the dressage part. If you do not want higher levels then you could go with another WB, but if you want UL’s then you might have to look at stallions with more blood and proven at Eventing. She really looks nice.

You might get more insightful answers here if you include a conformation shot of your mare. Your competition pictures are lovely.

Additionally, you may miss the insight of some of the very knowledgeable breeders on this forum if you don’t know your mare’s blood-lines. Like Stoicfish said, it wouldn’t hurt if you listed your expectations for the foal.

Riverman is a big hit with the eventing crowd right now. Cicera’s Icewater too. I personally am really liking a couple of the Schroeder horses I see - he seems to consistently improve hind ends and movement (particularly canter). I am not sure if he has enough blood for an Olympic caliber horse, but he has some very talented foals.

If you are looking to add blood to your mare, you could always go the route of a TB. IIRC, Sea Accounts just got licensed as a HAN? Correct me if I am wrong - couldn’t find the info. He’s also ATA, GOV and RPSI licensed. There is also Salute the Truth and A Fine Romance, if he is still available.

I also really like Tatendrang - he would lighten your mare up, I imagine - and looks like he throws consistently ideal HQs.

She doesn’t really need lightening up, she’s relatively fine already. My mare is currently competing at Advanced so I’d like to expect that potential from the foal as well.
Thank you for your suggestions, I’ll have a look!

I really like your mare!

Looks like you’re not located in the US though, correct? So it would need to be frozen semen, or fresh cooled in your area I’m guessing. Where are you located?

I’ve personally fallen in love with Persiflage (TB x AA) who is in the UK but available in the US frozen through EMCO. He’s all blood, so would add that to your mare. And just from looking at the dressage photo, they look as if they might be compatible. He’s Primitive Rising, the great eventing TB stallion, on top, and his dam is close kin to Tamarillo.

I think that Persiflage himself has gone Advanced. He’s at the same stud that bred Tamarillo which is, IIRC, Biddesden Stud (sp). Owner is Finn Guinness.

Second the option of Persiflage!

Chilli Morning is also available for breeding if you are in the UK, correct? I don’t know too much about what he’s putting on the ground or whether any of his offspring are even under saddle yet, but the few youngsters I’ve seen pics of look promising, and he certainly has the performance record (despite the unfortunate incident at Rolex last year)! With 65% TB he has a healthy dose of TB blood if you think your mare has a sufficient amount of blood herself to produce a top level horse, but not too much if you don’t want to go the full TB route.

Me three! Persiflage has really got it all. LOVE this for an eventing sire. A real breath of fresh air.

As an ex-breeder of eventers I have an in-built interest in event breeding. I’m not sure I’m totally done with it to be honest, even though I now concentrate on producing quality Hanoverian dressage mounts :slight_smile:

I have long-time loved UK-based Catherston Dazzler. Old now but well and truly tried and tested.

Also Master Imp - for the UK market only?

One sire that has really got me thinking is the Australian-based Hanoverian Contenda. Sire: Contendro 1 Dam: Ballerina (Bolero/Lugano). Out there doing the business himself and producing numerous award-winning eventing youngsters, many of which are showing their eventing skills alongside the best. I love the bloodlines and the horse is getting a name for producing brave, biddable athletes with superb movement, freaky clean jump technique, and real talent across country.

See what you think:


Persiflage record is not great and not the best of Show Jumpers, I have not seen any of his stock yet to know if they are an improvement on him. EMCO have a better selection than him if you are looking to go higher levels.

Thanks for the advice, Westonmaestro. I just went and looked up his BE record, and it really isn’t impressive. He’s had the same rider his whole career, and her record overall isn’t that great either.

Jaguar Mail. Will add substance and blood in spades.

We have Schroeder frozen at VDL Stud in Holland, so if you like him, it can be shipped from there.


Because Beowulf mentioned him a while back (thank you) and because it appears that you are overseas I will mention that Tate (Tatendrang) currently has semen in the EU and we plan on shipping to AUS/NZ soon. :slight_smile:

Just because this thread came up…wonder who the OP chose?

I just bred my large Hanovarian mare to Persiflage. No…his results with his rider are no steller but from those that know the horse in person…they really like him. Offspring look pretty good so far.

My mare has more than enough scope and movement for the highest levels…what she needs is blood and to shrink a hand. He has the pedigree and type that I was looking for so we will see!

Wow for Contenda. I would use him just so I could name the foal: I Shoulda Beena