What the what with Strider?

I have used it before without issue, but yesterday I tried to sign up for a Lucinda clinic and it would NOT let me process the payment! I successfully made my way through all the other steps, but was stopped at that point and was unable to proceed to the end.

Apparently they have been having problems with the payment system - so I assume I am not alone? - but I would really like to secure a spot - and despite trying SIX separate times (on two different computers), I was not able (“allowed”) to pay and confirm.

Naturally they are only open from 8:30-4:00 M-F, so “will get back to me then.”


Anyone else having trouble? TIA for solidarity, small comfort though that may be.

Ugh that’s annoying! I was able to sign up and pay using my PayPal login midday today. If you email the organizer I wonder if she would hold a spot for you or accept another form of payment? If it’s the one at LMF, I believe they take both PayPal and Venmo. Strider added a $20 processing fee :scream: so I would have loved to do Venmo instead.

I’m excited! A Lucinda clinic has been on my bucket list for a couple of years. I audited one in the spring and am currently doing her XC Academy, which has a lot of great content.

PM me if you want me to try to sign you up and you can pay me.

ETA: did you see this? https://info.striderpro.com/why-does-paypal-keep-rejecting-my-credit-card. Were you logging into a PayPal account or trying to enter a credit card?

Hey Libby - thank you for responding - I was very pleasantly surprised when yesterday afternoon I got a call from Tara at Strider; she said the problem was on PayPal‘s end, they were changing their system and a number of people were unable to complete payment as a result. :smirk:

She input my payment information manually, and I am all set! Phew. (PayPal Grrr, grumble. And added fees! Yeesh.)

Yes, it’s at Loch Moy (my favorite place on earth!), and I’m really looking forward to it.

I did two Lucinda clinics years ago at Wingreen with this mare’s dam: one at N and one at P - and encouraged my students to take advantage of the opportunity; two of them did, and we have all had good experiences. (She’s frequently a hoot, and unless you are someone who is completely unprepared, doesn’t listen, and doesn’t follow instructions, she is very positive and enthusiastic.)

Thank you also for offering to help me get the payment in, very kind of you! :heart:

Maybe I’ll see you up there?

ETA: I do have a PayPal account and the system insisted that I use it – I first tried to pay with my debit card - but they wouldn’t accept it, I HAD to log into my PayPal account - and then the payment wouldn’t go through. Kept going back and trying to input it different ways but nothing worked.

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Yay, I’m glad it all worked out for you! I should be in the Modified group on a plain bay TB. See you there?