What to wear to a horse show when you're not showing?

My barn is heading to a show tomorrow. I’ll be cheering on my fellow riders from the railside! I haven’t been to a show in years so I forget what non-showers typically wear. Besides, when I did attend shows in the past, I was the one riding therefore I wore show attire.

So, what does one wear to a show if you aren’t showing? It’s a local hunter/jumper show if that makes a difference. Thanks!

Depends but usually just a t-shirt and shorts. Or breeches, socks and tennis shoes if I ride before going up. I keep it super casual… definitely no reason to dress up if I am not showing. It does really depend on the weather, etc!

Whatever I would wear anyway. Jeans/ boots/ long sleeved shirt/ jacket, or shorts/ polo shirt/ sneakers, or leggings/ sneakers/ tank top, or six layers of rain gear and rubber boots. Pretty much any comfortable, reasonably clean, weather appropriate clothes that you have are fine, no one is going to pay much attention.

Depending on the temperature I’d wear jeans and a sunshirt or shorts and a sunshirt with a baseball cap.

Ooh when I use to just go ‘watch’ and help out I’d wear skinny jeans with a black tee shirt and one of those sheer portfolio button down shirts from express! It was super easy and looked put together. I always wore sperrys too… I think I was close to walking 14 miles every in sperrys…

I just took a glance at the weather forecast. As of right now, it’s suppose to be 28C and thunderstorms. Looks like skinny jeans, polo, rain jacket and rubber boots are in order! Thanks for your input, everyone!

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If I’m not riding I try not to turn up in breeches because I don’t want anyone kindly asking what class I’m in or what horse I’m riding. Especially if the show is well above anything I could possibly attempt!
At the moment though almost all my casual summer tops are now polo shirts :slight_smile: so I’d probably wear a clean polo shirt, my very comfortable Ariat paddock boots that look like Blundstones, and either jeggings or khaki shorts depending on the weather. And a sun hat!

Pretty much what I’d wear to the barn on a nonriding day.

Jeans and a T-shirt, but really whatever I plan on wearing that day for the rest of my daily activites. As someone else said, if I’m going after riding, I’m not gonna change so it’ll be breeches and whatever I rode in.

Since there seems to be a rule for everything in the show horse world, one might think there were rules on show ring attire for non-exhibitors somewhere in the regulations for individual shows or the professional organizations that oversee those shows. But in looking through countless horse show registration forms and rules, one will find few references to appropriate show ring attire for attendants.

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As it is likely you will end up holding horses, passing brushes, holding water buckets and taking hold of hot sweaty tack, then boots and jeans should do the job.

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Really? IDK … years back at Rolex 3Day you would see fashionistas trying to pick through the mud with high heels, or slippered sandals on. :lol: Definitely not out seeing the cross country. You one of them? or a horse person? So it depends if you’re high hatting sitting in a box or on the rail.

Big event shows are one thing; they seem to have different vibes when it comes to spectator clothes. But for a typical show, I’d wear what makes you comfy and happy (and doesn’t spook the horses! LOL). But with paddock boots so you’re always ready to hold horses.

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I always want to walk through the barns or around the grounds even if I don’t need to hold horses for friends, so I want barn safe footwear!

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Skinny or classic jeans, Chelsea boots or jodhpurs boots, nice belt, nice button down. I’d throw on a cool necklace that is short, not long. Sunglasses.

If you have cable, please locate the episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when the several of the ladies go to a horse show to watch Teddi Mellencamp compete. There is some very useful horse show fashion do’s and don’ts.

It’s a horse show… not Royal Ascot or the Kentucky Derby… it’s not Ladies Day at the Royal Dublin Horse

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If you haven’t tried twisted x shoes you are missing out! So so comfortable for being on your feet all day. All the rage in QH land

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If I’m not showing, I’ll usually wear a comfy top, jeans, and my boots. Never know when you may be asked to hop on and school a horse, or even just lead/hold. So proper footwear is my #1 priority!

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Fanny pack or belt bag as they are called now so I don’t have to carry a purse

Anything you want that is comfortable for the weather/possible mud/shoes that are safe around horses. Sunblock.