What trailer lock do you recommend?

I have a 4 star gooseneck. I need something fairly simple.

If you want a lock to secure your trailer from theft, unfortunately there is no lock, including wheel locks, that cannot be defeated quickly. With cordless saws and angle grinders, locks, chains, wire cables, and wheel boots are easily cut in seconds.

The best advice I have heard is to make your trailer into something readily identifiable when it’s being towed away on the road, and hard to sell. Make the thief pass by your trailer and take your neighbor’s plain white or plain aluminum trailer instead.

Big farm logos painted on the sides with locations and phone numbers are deterrents, as are unique colors. And consider installing some kind of tracking device.

I second @LCDR . Especially with a gooseneck, where a thief can just weld an old wheel rim into the bed of their truck and haul your trailer off even with the lock still attached, there really is nothing that works.

I have a hydraulic jack on mine - I think that would be a pretty big deterrent, as lowering the trailer would be a tricky business. I also have a boot, as a “keep honest people honest” deterrent, but I only use it if I have to unhitch at a show.

What they said. If you want something simple to use, these locks that cover the hitch are mild deterrents:


@endlessclimb what kind of boot do you use on the wheel?

I have one “keyed” lug on all 4 wheels, and use something similar to this, don’t remember the exact brand:

I also made a giant cardboard sign that says BOOT and hang it over the jack button when it’s on, so I don’t forget that it’s there, haha.

we had a trailer stolen, it was chained to a steel post… and we thought we had coverage…

Today, we have specifically added our trailer to our auto policy…agreed value, no inspection to determine value, just a conversation with the carrier. I was surprised… annual cost to insure trailer for all perils at new replacement cost is under Three dollars annually (USAA)

We do lock the hitch and have a keyed lock on the spare tire… but are fully aware those are of little use other than to deter those looking for an easy target