What type of saddle is this?

I’m pretty clueless about western saddles so I was wondering if someone here could help me with these. :blush:
This is an early 90s Simco #3823 but I’m unsure of what type of saddle it is. I haven’t been able to find one online quite like it. A couple of people have said it’s a roping saddle. Agree or disagree?

Second saddle is a vintage Western Saddlery aka “Big W” saddle. I found a few ranch saddles by this maker that looked similar but not exact. Any suggestions?

First one would not be a roping saddle of any kind, the flank cinch on a slit on the housing would not hold while roping.
Looks an older model and most roping saddles until lately tended to have roping rigging, not in the skirts as that one.
More like a basic show model, perhaps, with that silver corner and rope silver laced cantle and front?

The second one seems to have low moose cut under swells and a very ornate cantle.
Have not seen a cantle like that before, may be a saddler’s signature one?

That saddle could be used for roping and it has a D on the swells to hold a string to hold a rope with.
The extra wide fender with the horse head is unique, may be more of a one of a kind saddle than a standard model.

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I agree that the first saddle is a show or pleasure saddle. Not terribly old.

Second saddle isn’t a roping saddle, the pommel is too big. I think it’s a cutting saddle. The pommel would hold you in as the horse moved. I like this type saddle as a trail saddle as it gives you a secure seat.

I agree the first looks like a pleasure saddle.

Also agree with bluey on the low moose tree in the second saddle. The cantle style was typical of Big W who was later bought out by Big Horn. I see some of the Big W saddles on eBay bring a few hundred dollars.

I agree - looks like pleasure saddle!

Agree with everyone who says the first is a pleasure type show saddle.

The second, I have to say looks nothing like any cutting saddle I’ve ever seen, if it is, it would have to be a much older style than the flat seated, tall horned saddles I’ve ridden in and seen at cutting shows. Looks more like some roping saddles I’ve seen.

The swept back pommel doesnt say roping saddle to me. All the roping saddles I’ve seen have sloping pummels to make dismounting easier. The pommel on this saddle almost looks like the old bear trap saddles

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Bear trap swells are more extreme in the undercut and swept back swells.
A low moose isn’t and is considered more of a cowboy saddle and isn’t meant to look or ride like a typical team roping saddle.

Plus you don’t have to get off in team roping saddles.
You do in ranch saddles at times, like when doctoring.
Then, that saddle is a little too fancy for a cowboy saddle, more a cattleman’s one.

I was referring to the tree style rather than the particular saddle pictured. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that Big W was bought out by Big Horn. That’s interesting to know as I’d wondered what happened to this brand. The only saddles I could find online that were made by them were quite old.

Thanks for all of the input on these. I really appreciate it! I’m learning as I go :blush:

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I’d forgotten the term “bear trap.” I do remember “elephant ear” cantles and that is what the second one looks like to me, but I’m no expert!
The first one I agree is not a roping saddle. Wrong type of rigging.

The first saddle is an equitation saddle. Pleasure saddles have a flatter seat.

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