What type of spurs do you wear with your ottb

My ottb is learning to move off my leg aids and I’ve found that riding in my spurs to back up my leg has really helped him understand what we’ve been practicing on the ground, but on a day like today where he was feeling a little spunky my regular spurs were a bit much for him.

Do you all like the roller ball spurs? Or is there another type of spur I should consider for him?

Thanks in advance!

I wear roller ball spurs at home and these tiny little nubbin’ spurs at competitions.


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Big ones.


I have a collection depending on his mood :rofl:

I have tiny nubs I jump in and for dressage (his least favorite thing) I rotate among rollers, pointy 1” and knob end 1” depending on the day.

Size shouldn’t matter much, because it’s up to you to put them on or off their sides. I go between a standard wimpy POW or my longer “hammer heads” (not sharp, just longer with a nub on the end) - it depends on if I ride my older horse first, who goes in the larger ones because he’s a lazy turd (yes yes, training training - he knows everything but is ridden more often by my beginner friend than he is me nowadays, so he begins to believe many things are optional, or that he doesn’t need to respond promptly). I’m too lazy to switch spurs between horses.

Oh, sure, lots of folks say size doesn’t matter.


It’s the motion of the ocean.

Or, how good you are at keeping your heels down when the @#$% hits the fan. :joy:

I have the tiny nubs for jumping and cross country. For dressage I rotate between the tiny nubs, nothing, stubben 1169 STEELTEC DYNAMIC SPURS and spurs like Coronet™ Ladies’ Soft Touch Spurs. I prefer a smaller shank (neck, whatever its called) just incase my leg isn’t 100% perfect for my chestnut prince. However my trainer uses 1 - 1.5" long neck spurs. He doesn’t seem to really care, until he does.

I use the Stubben roller balls … and I’m working hard on keeping my toes forward :rofl:

I use the tiny 15mm Stubben Dynamic roller ball spurs on everything I ride!

Another user of Stubben roller ball spurs here. I have the shorter and longer length. What those actual measurements are I could not tell you off the top of my head, but they’re competition legal. My go-to for most horses are the shorter ones, and I usually recommend those for first timers as they’re very forgiving if horse or rider makes a mistake. No one needs to get jabbed in the ribs!

So far we’ve been fine with that approach, but as you also say

I want to give myself some room to make a mistake when things start heading south :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks everyone who weighed in!

I like the soft touch spurs a lot too and so do my sensitive sided horses. I wear a pretty long spur on everything. I have long legs that tend to hang below the barrel of virtually everything I ride so having some extra length helps me. I have a favorite set of spur straps too, which means I like riding everything in the same spur, if possible, so I can use the preferred straps! Haha

+1 for the Stubben roller balls. I have the short pair and they just live on my boots.