What would you consider a Thoroughbred x Paint Cross?

Hello, wondering what you would consider a Thoroughbred x Paint Cross? A warmblood? Or a QH?
She is a Hunter Jumper.

What? A thoroughbred paint cross is a thoroughbred pain cross. Why would you call it a warmblood or a quarter horse? I’m really confused…


Are you asking what registry would accept it?

APHA (American Paint Horse Association) will accept TBxAPHA if both parents are papered (APHA & JC).

More confusingly, that cross can be called an Appendix, depending on who you ask, although the traditional cross is AQHA x TB.

No warmblood registry that I know will approve a QH mare for breeding, but there are many registries that approve TB mares.

If the horse is a TBxAPHA your registry options in a WB breed book are almost nil. No reputable WB registry I know will approve an Appendix, which is a shame - some of them are really, really nice.


That’s a “Half Thoroughbred”.


That depends. Is it registered APHA or is it just a cross? It sure wouldn’t be a QH, since that isn’t what a QH is. No papers, I’d call it what it is, papers, I’d call it a Paint. Definitely not a warmblood.


The horse would be registered as APHA and considered a paint. If anyone asks, you just say paint thoroughbred. Everyone asks me if my paint is a spotted saddle horse. She’s a registered paint with some thoroughbred in her.

If the TB parent is JC registered and the Paint parent is APHA registered, you’ve got yourself a Paint (APHA).

If either/both of the parents aren’t registered, you’ve got yourself a grade horse.

If your horse has color (spots), I think you can register it as a Pinto (but not positive).

Not that it matters unless you want to show a breed circuit.


I’d call it a half TB.
And if it has spots I’d call it a paint (small “p”). Pinto is just Spanish for paint, so paint is just a color, just as palomino is a color independent of the Palomino “breed”.
There is no way it is either a Warmblood or a Quarter Horse.

Paint is an actual registry, APHA. It’s a registry that developed to take in QH that had too much white to fit the QH registry in the 1960s. Within the APHA there are several pinto patterns recognized as well as an option to register solid colored horses of APHA parents.

Yes, lower case paint is a generic term interchangeable with pinto or piebald/skewbald. But capital P Paint means its in the American Paint Horse Registry which is a legitimate stock horse registry.

The APHA accepts horses of existing APHA registered horses, as well as TB that show pinto patterns (rare but they do exist).

The horse as described by the OP could be registered Paint and is functionally similar to an Appendix QH (half QH half WB) . There is no WB registry that accepts stock horse breeds, QH or Appaloosa or Paint.

Paints and Appendix QH can be very nice horses in their own right but they are not WB and anyone trying to pass one off as a WB is lying.


If both sire and dam are registered in their respective registeries (Jockey Club and APHA), resulting horse is a registered paint. If the horse has APHA papers it can also be registered pinto (with or without spots). If said horse is a mare and is 1/2 TB, she can be listed in the oldenburg registry in the lowest mare book for breeding purposes. APHA does not have an appendix registry like AQHA.