What would you expect to pay

Horse to do 3’3 jr hunter job, maybe 3’6 eventually. Lovely jump, lovely canter but not the hack winner, age 10ish. Started as bigeq prospect at BNT barn, mileage with top top jrs but definitely the backup horse. Went to another jr but both were overfaced doing bigeq at WEF, horse started stopping. Reappeared with different trainer doing big derbies with pro and gets decent ribbons in good company. Also did low adults with an older lady last year, took all kinds of jokes or did well if she stayed out of the way.

Struggling with this one! Seeing him go feels like it should be mid-low 6 but does the record really support that.

I think my concern would be if it’s being marketed as a 3’3" potential 3’6" Jr horse, will it start stopping again if not given that accurate “pro” ride.

It sounds like he’s a good egg with an unfortunate start if he did the low adults and didn’t mind the mistakes, but mistakes at 2’6" is different than mistakes at 3’3".

Would you be able to sell him as a lower level job for a good riding adult who doesn’t have any interest in jumping higher than 3’?

I would say high 5s at the most for something not currently confirmed doing the job and with a history of needing an accurate ride, but I’m not in the thick of the WEF market.


How fast do you want/need him to sell? If you have time to let him potentially sit, list him in the low sixes. If he’s cute, I could definitely see someone paying that for his type.

If you need him to move more quickly, I’d list him in the 75k range.

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Agreed, $75k for a pretty easy sell.

Thanks very helpful!! We are buying (maybe). To see him go with daughter schooling 3’3 + he’s fancier and more forgiving than others she’s trying with all the jr/ao mileage. But trainer said overpriced, negotiate down to high5/lowest 6 if we want to move forward. As usual sounds like he is right! ha! :laughing:

I have a similar enough sounding horse - similar age range and minus the stopping record (that could impact price for sure, even if it’s not an issue now). Mine won everything through the 1.40 and has spent the last few years packing a kid around all 3 rings. Boy does she take a joke (as long as the rider rides whatever craptastic decision it is)…I even put together a video compilation of some serious serious bails on her part (as in bailing her rider out of messes…not her bailing on anything, lol). So with a much more extensive record and without a questionable period of time (record-wise) - I have her in that range and I am getting no bites on her at all. Beautiful, sound, easy going, and a record up the yin yang. So I would agree that the market put horses like that in that range a while back, but I suspect it’s moving back towards slightly more “reasonable” pricing.

But that could just be my slightly exasperated and pessimistic view? So take it for what it’s worth!

But also, I think that for a weird period of time the little quirks that horses had - as long as they could do the job - didn’t seem to be as front of mind. And IME, people are back to questioning more again.

So I guess all of that to say that I agree with your trainer!


Jeepers! She sounds priceless😀.

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