Whatever happened to the COTH issue that previewed Kentucky, formerly Rolex?

Did they stop doing it or does it come AFTER the event? I used to love it but have not seen it in my mailbox.

I got mine last week

Nothing here. No point subscribing for the other stuff that I don’t read very much.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen in before the event on the west coast.

You can read it online free if you’re a subscriber.

I got mine over a week ago.

Yes I probably have that but I HATE scrolling through online articles. I liked to read the mag and then look up the horses when they were going cross country. Can’t do that with the article online.

Agree that magazine is easier.

You’d need two devices or two screens. Or print it out.

It arrived at my office on Monday (new subscription) but not at home yet (subscriber for years & not expired!) Adjacent towns, east coast. WTH? At least I can read it at work, because as others said, the online format is more cumbersome & I don’t want to waste paper printing it when it should be arriving any moment…

I got mine last week, too.

Not here in today’s mail either. Bummed out. May have to cancel subscription.

Mine showed up today. World record.

I got mine several days ago, too.

I wonder if this it the type of question that someone like @Moderator_1 might be able to find an answer to.
Are they shipped all at once or in bunches? Why might some of them be arriving so late?

I expect USPS is to blame. They are not first class mail. Each post office doesn’t do ANYTHING with any other mail until it has processed all the incoming and outgoing first class mail.