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What's in your flask?

The last time there was a similar thread it was 2013 so as we get ready for the opening hunt (here in Texas at least), I’m dying to know what y’all are pouring into your flasks!

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I always kept port in mine. Ruby, not tawny, and the cheap stuff that came in a big rectangular base bottle with a screw top.

And an expensive lesson learned was that a glass flask full of port will crack apart when the port freezes. I loaded up my flask the night before, left the saddle with flask attached in the unheated rack room, and things were fine until I saddled the horse and trailered to the hunt at zero dark thirty the next morning. When I got to the hunt and opened the trailer door it looked like blood was dripping off the horse’s belly and pooling on the trailer floor. The horse’s body heat had melted the frozen block of ruby port inside the cracked glass flask.


Second the port recommendation. It seems nicely warming on a cold day. The Percy Special is a mix of whisky and cherry brandy which does sound appealing so I might give it a try this coming season. A bottle of port is easy hospitality at the meet.

And then hot mini sausages in honey and mustard…

If I could, I would put port in my flask! However, to get to and from my hunt club, is a 90 min drive each way. I cannot drink and haul the horse --should an accident happen to us, I would spend the rest of my life regretting the drink I took —so for me, it’s nothing in my flask. I have often wished I had a way to carry hot tea with me --that would be so lovely on a cold winter day!

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COVID pretty much shelved my flask. I am not eager to share a drinking vessel with anyone at this point. But I think it would be rude to have a nip and not offer to neighboring riders.

Of course this means I politely decline others’ flasks as well. Hound music is intoxicating enough for me!

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I often wondered why the cops have never put a sobriety check in place, since our hunt has only one road in and out, ending at a busy 4 lane undivided state highway. The good old boy relationships seem to be working well.

I have a flask that a friend gave me. I do not fox hunt. It currently had Angel’s Envy bourbon in it.

Once I get a flask, a white port!

I was told that ladies carry sherry and gentlemen carry brandy. There are no hunts anywhere near me, but if there were, I’d probably have peppermint schnapps in mine because it warms you up.

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Mine always had whiskey of some sort.
I was younger, so I didn’t care much about what type.
And I mainly drank when I was freezing to keep warm in Nevada.

Now a days, I’d probably do a smooth Bourbon.
Four Roses Select or maybe Ghostwood.

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My lovely, awesome, sharing Fieldmaster has honey whiskey in his flask. It’s lovely on a cold day or for a nip of courage. Can have the cough syrup taste, but the honey lingers.

Another sharing friend premixes an old fashioned in her flask. It’s always a hit.