What's the latest on pretty farm fencing... vinyl still?


Let’s say you sold your farm to someone who was somewhat new to horses but wanted that Kentucky white-fence look for their new place.

And that some of that front fencing separated an arena and a pasture from the (not very busy) road, and that your former farm was in a hot and sunny locale.

And that you had salty well water that would saturated said Kentucky-look fencing a couple times a day.

Is there any newer kinds of vinyl fencing that will hold a horse in safely, not get brittle, not pop out of the uprights, not turn yellow… not disappoint?

Just hoping there a new miracle product on the market since I last looked at this stuff.

RAMM Flex Fence. We’ve used it on two farms for over 30 years.



when the rail is inserted into the post with a drill using a long bit that often used in retrofitting alarm wiring (these are about four feet long and flexible) you drill straight down the rails on the inside of the post then insert a 9ga wire going through all rails to lock the rails in place…then put the post cap on

But we are in brush fire territory I have seen vinyl fencing along roads that has melted to the ground while the wooden post fencing was just blackened

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Whenever I get a place, there will be at least one rail of this stuff on all my fencing. I’ve seen it in action, and it’s incredible.

And also, to me, when I imagine Kentucky pastures… I think black 4 board wood.


My top rail is a Ramm clone & after 18yrs looks pretty good.
Needs tensioning (that’s on me), has some chips where my WB liked to nibble (but few & only near posts) & no yellowing, but some mossy discoloring that may be scrubbed off (I don’t).

It comes in black & a dark brown besides white.

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“Pretty” is a fence that keeps animals safely inside, and doesn’t allow them to break it.
(I had a car from the road smash into a wire fence, which didn’t allow a breakout)

I like this;


Calumet Farm’s four board white fences for many years was pictured as The Lexington Kentucky Horse Farm,

Hermitage Farms in Goshen Kentucky was the first I know of (but most likely not the first in the industry) that used black board fencing which is now very popular as it shows less weathering Hermitage is just very beautiful… black fences/barns with then red roofs in the green pastures with bay horses… just was a relaxing view

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There’s a steel rail that can be powder coated white and looks incredible.

A whole lotta dollars, though.

I have this in the black 4 rail:


It’s not perfect, but I still really like it. My biggest complaints are that the rail spacing is not what I envisioned (I wanted 5 ft high and they gave me longer posts but didn’t stretch out the spacing between the rails), the rails do flex a bit in the sun/heat, and the caps seem to come off the posts more easily than they should.

But it is super low maintenance, is safe, and looks really nice (in black at least).

And with the price of lumber right now, the price is not as atrocious as it once was.

440 Fence

A friend has 440 fence at her place, a powder-coated pipe product that is very attractive. She said installation requires someone who is very precise. I’m not sure of current costs, but it was out of my budget when I investigated six years ago. We ended up installing Kencote poly-coated wire from Kencove and have been very happy with it.

That looks really nice. I like black so much more than white - the imperfections do not stick out and it kind a retreats into the background. I imagine it is expensive but wood fence doesn’t last very long in my climate.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions!