What's up with Ariat tall boots?

Ariat made their name in English boots but the total catalogue is now overwhelmed with western boots and western casual wear.

Tredstep actually had a note of apology up on their main Irish home web site saying they’d solved recent supply problems and could guarantee delivery again. Like Ovation and Mountain Horse they are fully equestrian focussed, and English equestrian, which isn’t true about Ariat anymore. But interestingly they carry far fewer models than Ariat. One dress boot each.

Aww man that doesn’t bode well :frowning: I can’t find my size in ANYTHING other than the V Sports. I have skinny ankles, not-fat knees, smallish feet, and huuuuuuge calves. I’ve had Tredstep in the past and am trying to sell a pair of them and a pair of Treadstone, because both were not amazing for my feet.

I think I had Treadstone and Tredstep conflated in my mind. But I think Tredstep is a step above in price (and maybe quality) from Treadstone? I don’t think I’ve seen Treadstone in person though.

It’s my understanding Greenhawk has dress boot options coming in - they have just been delayed with Covid-supply chain issues. One company that might interest you is the Wide Boot Company? Despite her name, I believe she does have some standard sizes in addition to the wide calf, and most people seem to give pretty great reviews on her products. Good luck in your search! Fingers crossed we will have some more options soon now that Smartpak has started diving into the Canadian market.

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Have you tried De Niro’s TriColore line? Those & Konigs are the only off the rack boots that have ever fit me & my “athletic” calves.

I looked at Tricolore but liked the footbed of the Ariat’s better… Maybe. I see they are finally back in stock so I’ll know in a week or so how they fit :wink:

Treadstone were really, really popular (at least in Ontario) about 8 or so years ago. They were really well-priced and seemed to fit well, but I know a lot of people had problems with the boots stretching out so badly they didn’t fit after a while.

The Tredstep (Ireland) boots are/were more expensive and I think better quality.

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I also have a pair of De Niro dressage boots that I got on super clearance. I think I paid $225 for over $900 boots. The only downside, depending on your views, is that they are brown and not black. Personally, I don’t care and will wear them anywhere.

Anyway, the point of my message was that they fit my small feet, skinny ankles, and athletic calves. Oh and I’m pretty sure they are the short height. (Now you see why they were 75% off!)

I love the quality, too.

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I bet! Yeah being an off size can sometimes be a blessing (but usually not).

I have size 8 or 8.5 feet, the dreaded athletic calves, & am 5’2". :rofl: De Niro and Konig are the only brands that offer a ready made size to fit.

Remeasured my daughter the other week; she likes to look on eBay for used, high-end boots. Measured myself since it’d taken so long to locate the measuring tape. I lost an inch off my calves. Now I’m even more freakishly proportioned :scream: Must get back to lifting heavy 1-2x a week.

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All my height is legs, I’m a hair short of 5’4" but look normal on my 13.1 pony because of my freakishly short torso… So I need normal or tall boots with a 16.5 inch calf ( BARE measure, not including breeches) and a 7.5 foot without being narrow. I got a shipping notice for the V Sports so hopefully next week I’ll report back that they fit :crossed_fingers:t4:

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Please post what you think of them when you get them. I would still like a pair but returned the ones I tried for reasons I posted above. Just wondering if I got a bad pair or if they are being made oddly when ordering the larger calf sizes. Thanks.

I will. I have my fingers crossed, trust me. I prefer and was looking for thin leather on the shaft, I honestly want the same feel as my half chaps, soft and floppy - I hate the stovepipe feel.

I hope they work for you. I got a pair of V Sports last summer and (after a little work) LOVE them! I had to get slims as that’s what was in stock, so I don’t wear them over my winter breeches, but I can’t wait to get back into them come spring.

Well… the package hasn’t been shipped yet, tracking number just showed a label was created on 2/22, and today I got an email from Smartpak thanking me for my return :roll_eyes: I emailed them back telling them I hadn’t received my package, much less returned it, so if I had to guess, this is the first step of them saying my size isn’t in stock. I’ll call them later today.

ETA: Apparently they did have someone available on the chat, and UPS returned my package for some reason but it has already been shipped back out and is only going to be two days later. Phew! Now we are back to waiting.

Ahhh! As a fellow hard-to-shoe gal, I’m weirdly invested in your Ariat boot saga.:joy:

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Mehhhh… Ok I wish it didn’t have the funky gap at the top that all not-fat big-calved riders have to deal with :roll_eyes: They feel nice, foot feels good, but dang. Big gap. And I think it will make them break in weird with the crease behind the knee?

That’s the same problem I had with them, except it was a bigger gap and they were too big below the calf to the ankle. As soft/flimsy as the top was I was concerned the drop would be substantial as in the whole boot would fall down my leg.

I don’t think boot makers are understanding that a XLarge calf doesn’t mean your whole leg is that way. The Ovation boots I ended up with are cut more correctly and much cheaper. Even the really inexpensive Tuffrider boots were cut better.

What did you think of the quality of the Ariat? I was disappointed, seemed a bit too flimsy and thin leather. I see they are dropping this model, have a new model that is coming out (pre order available) that is a combination of leather and fabric.

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Ironically I’ve got a lovely pair of Petries made for the wider calf for sale at multiple places, brand new, not broken in (didn’t fit my foot length, which I didn’t realize until after they were past the return date), reasonably priced and I can’t even get a bite. All you folks looking for boots, tell me your search terms so I can optimize, please!

I did a general google search to see what tack shops brought up boots I was looking for or boots in my size, I searched consignment shops I’m familiar with, also Poshmark, and searched Ebay. The issue maybe that your size might not be what many are looking for?? Also, how wide are is the calf on your boots? From my experience the more expensive the boot the smaller the calf sizes are so Wide and XW if offered aren’t always very generous.

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