What's up with Garmin?

I bought a Garmin inReach GPS system for back country riding a few months ago and just got around to registering and activating it yesterday, of course a couple of weeks after their huge ransomware shutdown.

I was able to register and turn it on. But I can’t seem to access the training videos or help functions on line. I was wondering if there were any regular users who had a sense of whether the site is still full of glitches or if I should be pressing forward trying to access tech support?

All the videos are on Garmin’s YouTube channel.

Ok, thanks for the tip! I was trying to access them through the Garmin website!

We use Garmin’s InReach at work to monitor field units. The device can be very frustrating. It is nice because one can communicate via text, but each text costs money. If you only want the GPS and tracking, SPOT is cheaper.