What's your favorite THIN baby pad?

I’m looking for a THIN baby pad to put over my “dirty” Draper Therapies AP pad for shows. I also use a half pad, so I want as little bulk as possible. Contoured and Wither profile are a plus!

The Ogilvy baby pads are really thin. I’m not a fan of their halfpads, but was happy with my baby pad.

Also would say Ogilvy! I just ordered another one today… :smiley:

The Beval brand baby pads are good, and most likely a bit cheaper than Ogilvy!

From what I’ve heard, the Olgilvy’s are not very thin. I haven’t felt one, but it sounds like they are somewhere between a baby pad and a typical square pad.

I also use a very thin baby pad and so far, my favorites are Bobbigee’s. There are lots of customization options (wither relief, girth loops, piping, etc) and they come with free embroidery! You do have to request some of the customization outside of the regular order process, but they are very responsive…and quick with order fulfillment.

Ogilvys! The baby pad ones are very thin, the sell them at Dover. They have nice wither clearance too.

I really like the fleeceworks baby pad

Hadfield’s baby pads were thin and well made. I have some that are probably 17 years old and still look great…haven’t had the need to buy any recently though so I don’t know what they’re like these days.

Fleeceworks baby pads are in my opinion so underrated. I absolutely LOVE mine, and they are just starting to show wear after four years of heavy use (I wash after every ride).

The Ogilvy ones will be a bit thicker than a classic cotton baby pad because they have a quilted non-slip lining. Fleeceworks ones are nice.

Wilkers has some nice thin basic baby pads

We have both Beval and Wilkers that are thin & basic. I think the Wilkers slips a bit more though and is a tiny bit smaller.