Wheel Simulators/Hub Caps/Wheel Covers

I adore my 4Star horse trailer, but the wheel simulators have become loose and two have fallen off. Which now my trailer looks like it belongs in a junk yard just with these missing pieces.

I was looking at Wheel Simulators, which is what I already have on my trailer, but they are an absurd amount of money. $300+ to Canada. I have reached out to local horse trailer dealerships, but they just don’t respond.

So I am looking at Hub Caps/Wheel Covers, aka your typical hub cap for a car to put on my trailer. But I’m worried they’re just going to look ridiculous.

What do you have on your tires/rims/hub caps/wheel simulators?

I don’t want it to look stupid, I like how the wheel simulators are the chrome and cover the whole steel rim and make it look less rusty/rough. The trailer is too pretty to have something ugly on it.

https://www.amazon.com/Phoenix-USA-GQST60-Trailer-Simulator/dp/B007NES3U0 (Image of Wheel Simulator)

Mine has those baby moon hubcaps that just cover the bolts. Really, matching wheels look fine, whatever they are, even if they have no hubcaps at all.

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