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When will she foal? Take a look if you have a moment (Pictures). Any bets?!

Hey all! So we are foaling out our first home mare. She is a madien at 325 days. She is small and already (almost unbearably) HUGE… So we are kind of hoping she goes earlier rather than later. She officially waxed up yesterday morning (first sign of clear wax was 2 weeks ago). She was rolling and restless today. Her vulva seems to be elongated and relaxed (see pic). Her rump has also relaxed. She is still leaking out yellowish fluid (not enough to be alarmed, or to collect) but no milk. What do you all think? Any bets?!

I bet you will have a few sleepless nights:lol:

I have foaled out two of my own, cameras, monitors, hooked up to cell phones, tablets, sensors for movement in paddocks, and the fun “predict a foal” kits. Still ended up losing a lot of a sleep in the end. But was there for both deliveries!

I would not be comfortable leaving her at this point. Maiden mares can go without much sigh at all or classic signs. Your mare is pretty classic with signs of foaling! She starts streaming milk will be soon!!

I can’t see the photos (blocked from work) but your description makes foaling seem imminent.

I’m a first time breeder too, and mare #1 foaled Thursday evening at 327 days. She waxed up that morning and by evening was pacing and acting odd (almost colic-y) and then out came the foal. Luckily we were home and watching diligently and she was nice and gave birth in daylight.

Good luck with your mare!