Where are you buying your hunt clothes?

My best friend and I have just wrapped up our first season hunting together and already itching for the next one! With that in mind, where are y’all buying your clothes? Specifically, your informal season tweeds and appropriately-fun shirts and cool patterned vests?

Of course, formal season breeches and black hunt coats are easy to find, though it seems odd that RJ Classics is the only maker of canary vests. And we’ve found some etsy shops for fun stock ties, but haven’t had much luck with the tweeds, shirts, and unique vests.

Is there some super secret website or it just a matter of scouring ebay for something? We’re in the US and it seems like right now the best way to obtain hunt clothing is through UK-based consignment shops.

Have you tried Horse Country in Warrenton, VA


Or Middleburg Tack Exchange in Middleburg, VA?


These are great!! @NaturallyHappy we’re out west and where I grew up in the midwest was not a huge hunting area, so this is all very new to us (but we are addicted)

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I don’t think Middleburg Tack has a website that included clothing, but I have called them and described what I was looking for in hunt coats; they sent several to try. And Horse Country has beautiful things. Have fun!


I have had great luck buying used either at consignment stores or through eBay and FB Marketplace. There’s a wonderful seller on FB called Rachel’s Riding Closet, she usually has a lot of fun informal attire (tweeds, vests, colored and patterned stocks.)

There’s also On the Hunt Tack Consignment.

Middleburg Tack Exchange is absolutely worth a call; they have an incredible selection and will be very helpful over the phone.

Also check out Tri-County’s website:



Some of my stuff comes from England (e.g., vest, scarlet coat). My tweeds are ancient and I got them from a second hand shop. They are not exactly “hunt” tweeds but I’ve been using them for 25 years.

With the RJ Classics coats be careful because sometimes what looks like a hunt coat is really a show coat.

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I’m very petite (like, sometimes there is nothing in stores that fits me besides kids’ items) and when I wanted a canary vest I called Middleburg Tack Exchange, told them a few brands/sizes that fit me - I think I basically gave them my RJ Classics coat size - and they sent me a stunning and clearly custom-made vest. $50 and it fit me perfectly. Could not recommend them more highly.

Edited to add I’ve also enjoyed shopping at The Old Hunting Habit who are UK based. Haven’t bought any big-ticket items but got a friend a monogrammed stock, engraved flask and a lovely stock pin for her birthday one year.


Big selection - reasonable prices;


The great thing about fox hunting clothing is that it never goes out of style. So if you get something thirty years ago you can still wear it. I’ve had a lot of patient luck on eBay,and you can get cheap Shires stuff there too. I’ve found old nice Miller’s, old Harris tweed. I like my vintage coats a lot more than the expensive new ones and they are holding up better. My new ones get so many pulls and the vintage tweed is like iron. The problem is when our bodies change! Keep looking for vintage.


Boy did I have a different experience with The Old Hunting Habit! Gave me 2 items entirely different than what I bought and then said what I bought was out of stock, so she gave me alternatives. Hello, if I order something I want that? If you don’t have it maybe ask me what I want to do??? I will never order from her again, what a mess.

Anyways, Rachel’s Riding Closet has cute tweeds. Haven’t bought one, but did get a breastplate as described and reasonably priced. Many of my friends have ordered with positive experiences.

I bought a lovely tweed from Rachel’s Riding Closet last year. Her service was excellent.

If you have a coat that fits you well, keep the measurements handy so you can snap up something that fits you as soon as it posts!

Facebook foxhunting clothing groups and Ebay!