Where do you look for an unbroke 2-4 yr old Lusitano?

I am cross-listing in the Western forum as I have not had much luck in Off-Course.

Does anyone have suggestions for breeders in the US?

I am looking for “old school” Lusitano breeding (eg., horse that was bred as a working cow horse) NOT a competition dressage Lusitano.

It seems the lusitano people are breeding huge horses (compared to ~15 yrs ago) to sell into the competition dressage market. I am a fan of the the smaller (15hh-15-3hh) old-school cat-like breeding that seems to be disappearing. I had a big discussion about this with the APSL rep last year.

Any suggestions for where to look in the US…since foreign travel is out of the question these days.

the sandiest shoes recently purchased a 4 yo Lusitano stallion (now gelding) from a breeder in California who sounds as though they might be producing what you’re looking for. Here’s an excerpt from one of her posts:

Very helpful, thank you! I had a feeling they would be easy keepers. So much of what is said in that thread totally jives - I noticed while trying this boy that he constantly had his ear on me and would flick it back to listen to what I was asking all the time. So different than my young Hanoverian mare, who’s default is definitely not “submission first”. I also noticed that we would definitely need to work on getting him to learn to stretch down and relax. I tried to do some stretchy circle trot and he was like “what what? what’s this?” ha. The bullfighter who trained him did a fantastic job though. The farm he’s at is fascinating too - so much I didn’t know, like California has such a Portuguese community and that “bloodless bullfighting” exists. Crazy!

The thread is at (Lusitano portion starts on p. 2) https://www.chronofhorse.com/forum/forum/discussion-forums/dressage/10645434-opinions-on-a-yearling-prospect-edited-now-new-4-yr-old

Check here;

ASMOHR Stables - Breeders specializing in Lusitanos of color, Andes, NY USA

Cielo Azure Lusitanos - APSL breeders

Costas Lusitanos - Breeder of Purebred Lusitanos

Don E Mor Lusitanos - Breeding and stallion services, NC USA

Fairhaven Iberians - Breeding Lusitanos and crosses. , MA USA

Glennlea Farm - Training and Showing Iberian horses. Wilson, NY USA

Haras Dos Cavaleiros, LLC - Breeding, training, stallion services, sale of Lusitanos. Magnolia, Texas, USA

Jaz Ranch - Standing Lusitano stallion Halconero.

JC Andalusians, LLC -Standing Saphiro: Cremello Lusitano Stallion, breeding farm. Barboursville, VA USA

Labyrinth Farms -Breeders of rare colors, Mill Spring, NC USA

Owls Nest Lusitanos -Breeders of Lusitano Sporthorses, Bellville, TX USA

Renaissance Farm -Standing buckskin stallion. Young stock and sales. Located in Bulls Gap, Tennessee.

Royal Iberian Lusitano Horses - Details of stallions at stud and stock for sale, plus information about the breed and links. Located in Ontario, Canada.

Silver Moon Iberians - Boutique Iberians Classical type. Stallion and young stock. Ocala, FL USA

Sons of the Wind Farm-Lusitano’s - Importing, breeding and selling Lusitanos. Vitor Silva training in the classical art of riding horses. Located in New Hampshire, USA.

Topline Andalusians and Lusitanos, Southern Oregon

Vermont Lusitano Stud Farm - Northern Vermont. USA

Vintage Iberia - Located in Palm Springs, California, USA.

Wildwood Farm Equine Center, LLC - Breeding Lusitanos Port Crane, NY USA

Wasatch Lusitanos, Park City, UT

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Ramona DeJong in Sheridan Oregon (40 miles SW of Portland) has some lovely horses. (I am an Eventer/ Jumper person though)I think they are Lusitanio. . But could be Andalusians. Lovely animals. Very Baroque in look and really lovely to work with…(9115 Rand Rd Sheridan OREGON 973778

I myself would love to see a pony sized Andalusian or Lusitano…or even average sized. It would be awesome if they created a pony registry. I know you would need to outcross with something to do that…

I don’t understand the prevalence of breeding larger and larger horses. I get the market might be better for competition, but I’m too small for something that big and smaller horses are cheaper to feed and more convenient.

Maybe an Azteca would suit your purposes if you could find one?

@pluvinel, if you ever find this sort of breeding in a PRE, I’d love to know where. I’ve been looking for the same thing myself for years and short of importing a Carthusian-bred horse from Europe, I’ve had no luck whatsoever. I think U.S breeders figured out that the market for dressage horses was bigger than the market for old-style, working PREs (similar to the market for “show type” Morgans versus the super-solid, versatility-bred Morgans of days past) and so it feels damn near impossible to find a nicely bred, old-world style PRE anymore…

Thanks all for suggestions. Some of the suggestions I knew, others are new.

Yup…follow the money.

I also think that the era of the giant WB is coming to an end and the iberian folks are at the tail end of this trend. Too bad they wont just celebrate the breed as it has been traditionally.