Where is everyone getting their magnesium right now?

I am starting my guy on magnesium; he was slightly low on bloodwork a while ago and with no diet changes I’m sure it is still the case. My friend’s horse just passed and she gave me his leftover magnesium suppl. to start-- it’s in the SmartPak cells labelled Mag5000. There are two in each strip but I’ve just been giving one to start. Not sure if I should give him both. I hate doing the dosing math.

So, cost effective, low mess magnesium? He gets Elevate vit E and eats the powder no problem. He will eat pretty much anything. He’s an easy keeper food-wise and in decent work 5/6 days a week at third level.

I use MagRestore - it’s pelleted form, horse eats it up no problem, seems to make a positive difference for my girl

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I always liked MagRestore. Start slowly or you’ll have loose poop. And too much may make your horse dull. Until you have it nailed down, I would avoid SmartPaks so that you can monitor and adjust the dose. (I had a headshaker who was on a magnesium/melatonin protocol and I had to do a lot of trial and error getting the magnesium side of things working…)

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MagRestore is one of the most $$ magnesiums. It is the one some horses need (magnesium malate), but it’s not something every horse needs.

Feed store big bag magnesium oxide/MagOx is the cheapest. It’s also probably the least palatable.

MVP’s Magnesium 5000 is a reasonably cost-effective MagOx.

And despite way too many people claiming mg ox is poorly absorbed, they are basing that off its poor absorption in people, but horses absorb it the best of all, 60-70% absorption, and it has the highest amount of elemental magnesium, which means you can feed less to get the same amount. How much is “less” of course depends on whether it’s pelleted or powdered.


MadBarn. My picky picky pony is also on Elevate vitamin E powder which she will eat no problem. She won’t eat the MadBarn vitamin E, but she WILL eat their magnesium. Super affordable too.


Uckele’s Mag-ox, get it on Amazon 36.95 for 10 lbs which will last you a LONG time.

I feed Animed Remission. I like it because its a good amount of magnesium plus a daily dose of biotin and lysine. And its really inexpensive.

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My guy gets his Mg through SmartCalm Ultra. 10k mg of Mg plus a little tryptophan and B-1 and a couple other things (taurine and inositol…which probably do nothing). He hates the taste but eats it in his feed mash with his other supplements. It without a doubt makes a difference in him. He’ll be on it for the rest of his life as far as I’m concerned. He’s not dull (as anyone who saw his reaction to a baby stroller at the last show could tell you, LOL), but he’s so obviously more relaxed overall, especially over his top line and just more comfortable in his own skin. If he does react to something (even a baby stroller, multiple times), he’s not unreasonable and gets over it (until he sees it again somewhere else, LOL).

MagRestore for my guy as well.

50# bag of MgOx at the local farmers’ co-op.

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Thanks all! I looked closer at the SmartPak cells I was given and it is the MVP 5000. I think I will order the powder. I don’t buy SmartPak strips because they are too wasteful anyway.

Check with your local feed mill. I was able to get 50# of the 54% for $18… it’s not as pure as the 56% you would get from Uckele but for the price you can’t beat it. When I can’t get from them I get the Uckele 56% either through Amazon or Big Dee’s as that is cheaper than actually buying from Uckele.

I second MadBarn. I use a few of their pelleted supplements. For a couple of the horses I had to introduce them really gradually (only 1pellet in their feed to start for one picky boy). But they are a great price and seem to be a good quality profile.

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I have used several types, depending on cost-effectiveness and, well, what I see recommended here. Mag 5000 has been an “old standby” for me, as has Quiessence, which is quite cost-effective. Both are pelleted and palatable. I also use Remission by Animed, which doesn’t have quite as much Mg but is inexpensive, and as a powder is still palatable. MagRestore was just too expensive for no really detectable difference.

Currently the mare gets a half-dose of Quiessence (7000 mg Mg) in the morning, and a half-dose of Remission (3000 mg Mg) in the evening. She is borderline IR, so I want the chromium, too.

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Same here with the Madbarn Elevate. My pony gobbles this and I like that it’s a fairly complete vit and mineral supplement that includes Magnesium.

This was a good thread on the subject. Because of it I ordered the Horsetech Mag Oxide and my guys eat it up.


I assume you’re talking about the MadBarn Omneity VM supp which my pony ALSO eats haha. But I was talking about the Kentucky Performance Products Elevate Vitamin E. And then she eats the MadBarn magnesium supp :slight_smile:

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Mag Restore here! Works great for my OTTB

Uckele Bioplex Magnesium.

Mad Barn MagOx is great but I feed Omneity which will more than cover your horse’s magnesium requirement. They have such amazing customer service - I recommend them to everyone!